Why Life Team? Mpho Ntuli

Thinking about – or know someone who’s thinking about – doing Cornerstone’s Life Team next year? Mpho led the Life Team in 2012 and, in the process, found himself changed as well. Here’s his story.

I had the incredible privilege of leading the team of 2012. To be honest, I had so many expectations, some of which were superficial, but I decided I was gonna walk into this having told God what it was I was looking for. God is so faithful to honour our dreams and desires and it was only months into the next year that I saw God’s faithfulness in my expectations.

God chipped off quite a few things that had crept into my character that he wasn’t pleased about and as much as it hurt when it was happening, the fruit of it that I’m living in now is incredible.

God taught me how to operate in team. It took a long time and I was sure at one point that I was never going to get this right. Today I’m part of an awesome team of youth leaders and I’m able to be as effective as I believe God’s called me to for now because of the road I had walked on with Life Team.

It was only after he had dealt with stuff that was on His heart that God began to attend to the desires of my heart, and like I’ve said already, the fruit of this has been incredible.

So if you’re keen to join Life Team, perhaps let me encourage you this way:

1. Allow yourself to be mentored (there is huge anointing and power in accountability).
2. Don’t distance yourself from God just because you spend all your time surrounded by other Christians.
3. Open your heart to connecting, ministering and being ministered to by the team.
4. Figure out what areas of ministry/spiritual gifts you’re passionate about and called to and then actively pursue these.
5. Don’t throw in the towel when the going gets tough. As much as it hurts, its all part of God’s plan!

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