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Elders Update: A Call to Christ-Centredness

This week Marcus encourages us about the season we are coming into, as we trust God to help us out of the effects of some of the negativity that we have perhaps been facing. He also touches on calling us back to a Christ-centredness and meaningful prayer.

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Key Women for 2013

Key Women is moving to a new time slot – 8:30am on the first Tuesday of every month at Bedfordview. It will now only take place in the morning (no more afternoon slot) to create more space for the ladies to get to know each other.

Key Women is also launching at South Side. It will be taking place on the first Saturday of every second month in a home in the afternoon (3pm). There is also an additional theme of “chocolate” which sounds tempting!

The theme for Key Women 2013 is Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit: Living Beyond Yourself. As Col Meeske explains, the theme is about developing a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit and then living out his character in our every day lives, impacting the world beyond ourselves.

“Women need to see just how key they are in God’s mission to the world. Every woman has a part to play and has a purpose for their lives. We are key in unlocking the presence of Jesus into the environments we find ourselves in – no matter where we are,” she says.

The Bedfordview meetings will now take place at the Fresh Ground coffee shop.

“All are welcome – regardless of age or culture. As per Titus 2, older women can teach the younger women how to love their husbands and their families, while the younger women can teach the older women how to be less conservative and to risk a bit more,” Col says.

Mums & Munchkins will also be joining Key Women on the first Tuesday for every month, to facilitate the ladies all getting to know each other better.

The last year has seen some great fruit at Key Women and 2013 promises to be even better.

Key Women
When: First Tuesday of each month or first Saturday of every second month
Where: Cornerstone Church Bedfordview (Tuesdays) or Cornerstone Church South Side (Saturdays)
Time: 8:30am at Bedfordview; 3pm at South Side

Sign up for next year’s Finance Course

Finances can be a tricky thing to handle for many of us. Our Finance Course has become very popular and those who have gone on it have often re-iterated just how helpful and fruitful it’s been for their lives.

We’ll be having another finance course running in the new year and due to the course’s popularity and the fact that space is limited, those interested in attending need to sign up. The course will come at a cost which provides several resources to attendees. The cost is still to be advised but if this sounds like something you would like to attend, then do the following:

1. Download the application form (76KB PDF)

2. Hand in your completed application form to the info desk at Bedfordview or to an elder at any of the other sites

3. Or email your completed form to

Meet the Campbells!

Dave and Sarah Campbell will be on eldership at Cornerstone until the end of this year. They’ve come all the way from New Zealand with their four children – Braden (8), Gracie (6), Luke (4) and Emily (1). It’s quite exciting having them as a part of the team for the next while.

Dave and Sarah hail from Horsham Downs Community Church (HDCC) in New Zealand. Many of you might know Bruce Benge who has visited us several times and is a good friend of Marcus and the team. Bruce leads HDCC where Dave and Sarah have been elders for the last four years.

Cornerstone is something of a different context for the Campbells in a number of ways which opens up some great opportunities for learning, which is partly why Dave and Sarah are here. They’ve embarked on something of a working holiday where they will be on eldership at Cornerstone while also enjoying what our beautiful country has to offer and visiting many of the churches here.

They’ll be visiting all the sites in the next while so if you see them, grab your chance to enjoy a good coffee with them and enjoy their much-loved New Zealand sense of humour! Dave really likes photography so that’s one way to get him talking!

Donate Cool Stuff to the New Uptown Venue

by Phil Quinn

In just a week or two we will have an Uptown venue of our very own and we’re looking to kit it out as nicely as we possibly can. So we’re checking to see who might be keen to donate certain kinds of items (all listed below) for the venue.

We want the space to be a blessing to the community of Braamfontein and to provide room for people to meet together, socialise and study: a homely and pleasant place that anyone will feel welcome in.

You can help us do this by donating items which we’re looking for. So why not dig through your garage or storeroom and see if you have anything on our list below which you would be willing to donate? Please only donate items which are in good, working condition – broken or clearly damaged things aren’t likely to be much use to us.

Please also note that if you donate something and we choose not to use it we will dispose of it at our own discretion (unless you clearly indicate that you would like it back). So please let us know if you’d like it back so that we don’t end up throwing away something we shouldn’t!

Thank you all you wonderful people! 🙂 Here’s what we’re looking for:

– Office furniture: desks, filing cabinets, etc.

– Book shelves

– Lounge furniture: couches, chairs, coffee tables, side tables, ottomans

– Good, working computer equipment: laptops, desktops, printers, etc. (shouldn’t be more than three years old)

– Picture frames (without the pictures, all sizes)

– Floor lamps

– Pot plants, pots for pot plants, hanging plants (all sizes)

– Fairy lights (working), not coloured.

– Working kitchen appliances: kettle, toaster, microwave, fridge, gas stove, etc.

– High resolution photos (in digital format) of Johannesburg, Braamfontein, and South African people

– Outdoor and garden furniture: large garden umbrellas (without logos), umbrella stands, garden or outdoor tables, garden or outdoor chairs

– Large chalk boards

– Blank, mounted canvases (all sizes)

– Mirrors

– Good quality Christian books by reputable authors (not fiction), particularly reference: atlases, dictionaries, concordances, commentaries, lexicons, etc.

– Good quality normal reference books: dictionaries, atlases, encyclopedias, guides, university level textbooks, etc.

– Good quality coffee table books

– Clear, plain glass vases and jars

– Old electric appliances (pre-1985), not necessarily working but in good condition; the older, the better – for display purposes only: tv’s, radios, kitchen appliances, tv game consoles, computers, record players, cameras, film projectors, etc.

– Old vinyl records – preferably working, preferably contemporary music from the 50’s – 80’s

– Old photos in projector slide format

– Old bicycles (not modern, bmx, racer or mountain bike) for display only

– Strong, good quality wooden crates (not tomato boxes)

Ok, so you’ve got something to donate?

Simply chat to me (Phil Quinn) or call the office at 011-616-4073, or email, to arrange where / when / how to get the items to us.


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