Another update from Keir and Callie Tayler in Poland

Keir and Callie Tayler are currently in Poland for an apostolic trip. Here’s an update on how things are going. (Read previous updates here.)

Acts 10: 33
“So I sent for you at once and you have been kind enough to come.  Now therefore we are all here in the presence of God to hear all that you have been commanded by The Lord.”

This scripture was given to us as we entered the village of Wolka Taneswka and the church was overflowing with folk from three churches who had come to hear and be healed.  What an absolute privilege. They left equipped and edified as the Word went out and the sick were prayed for.

We moved on the next day to a city about an hour’s drive away. Here we were privileged to pray for a man who was in a hospice dying after a heart attack. He was desperately ill but accepted Jesus into his life and we saw peace come back into his eyes.  We are trusting that he will recover.

We then went to a new church plant which was held in a basement in the city. Five pastors from different churches were present. The place was packed. After the Word was ministered many, many people came for prayer. First was a lady who had a foot in a plaster cast and was on crutches as it was apparently deformed. She could not stand on it as it was very painful.  God healed her foot and she left carrying her crutches.  She was also healed of ringing in her ears.  Her countenance changed radically. Many, many people came up for various oppressive illnesses and God was faithful to His Word and each one of them left rejoicing. The light in people’s eyes as they were set free was amazing!

The pastor from the village church was with us and he hugged Keir and said he had learned so much about New Testament church and was going to implement what he had learned into his church.  When we see The Holy Spirit work in people’s lives and set captives free like He did last night we are so humbled and know that this is the church that Jesus died for and He wants her free to be without spot or blemish. What a joy!

We then travelled about an hour and a half to the city of Tarnov where the pastor of Jehovah Nissi  (the church we are about to preach in) called people on his cellphone to come to the meeting as he was so excited by what he had seen and heard.  So tonight we are expectant for God to move amongst His people whom He loves so much.

Ps 105: 1
“Oh give thanks to The Lord; call upon His name; make known His deeds amongst the peoples……tell of all His wondrous works!”

Our love to you all!
Keir and Callie

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