The Heart of Leadership

This six-part course unpacks the heart of leadership – the very core of what it’s about and how it’s done.

Know Your Bible Better

A practical course that will not only give you the best and easiest tools for Bible study, but will also inspire you to know your Bible better.

The Exchange: Kingdom Meets Workplace

What does your job have to do with God’s kingdom? How can you bring glory to God through your job? Is there a bigger call to the 8 – 5?

God-Given Singleness

What does the Bible actually say about Singleness? More than you might think.

The River Life Group discussion: Sunday, 29 January 2017

This last Sunday we kicked off our new series “The River”, which looks at Ezekiel 47 in the Bible. God promises that where his river flows – his Kingdom, his rule, his authority, his presence, his love, his holiness – there will be abundant life for all. But we need to get into this river to have it.


This week (starting 29 January) we’ll be looking at the following scripture and discussing it, in light of our current series.

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” – John 10:10b

1. “I…”
What is the significance, and implication, of Jesus making this promise?

2. “…came…”
What is the significance of Jesus having come?

3. “…that they may have…”
What must we do to have eternal life, the life Jesus speaks of?

4. “…life and have it abundantly.”
How is Jesus’ promise of life different to the promises of the world?

5. What is our response after hearing this promise?

Life Groups Logo


We have Life Groups all over Johannesburg. Here’s how to find one:

1. See the Life Groups board at your site (it’s usually marked pretty well, or ask an elder to show you where it is).
2. Chat to an elder / deacon / leader about a Life Group in your area.
3. Call 011-616-4073 for details of Life Groups in your area.
4. Email and ask for details.

See here for more details on what Life Groups are about.

Rich Towards God

A biblical, balanced view of money.

The New Life

31 daily readings for your new life in Jesus Christ. Ideal for new believers in Jesus.

Print version available

We will sell printed versions at R25 to cover costs. Email or call us on 011-616-4073, and we’ll get it to your site, or you can collect from the office in Bedfordview.


If you’re keen on joining Cornerstone because you’ve been coming for a while, and you are involved in a Life group, you can get to know us better through our DNA course.

Christian Foundations

An introduction to the teachings of our Christian Faith.

Love Joburg

Evangelism – sharing your faith – is a lifestyle, not a programme. You don’t need to hype yourself up for it. It’s not calendar-driven, it’s relationship driven. People are more ready for the gospel than you realise, and you are more ready than you realise to share it.