The Heart of Leadership

This six-part course unpacks the heart of leadership – the very core of what it’s about and how it’s done.

Know Your Bible Better

A practical course that will not only give you the best and easiest tools for Bible study, but will also inspire you to know your Bible better.

The Exchange: Kingdom Meets Workplace

What does your job have to do with God’s kingdom? How can you bring glory to God through your job? Is there a bigger call to the 8 – 5?

God-Given Singleness

What does the Bible actually say about Singleness? More than you might think.

Rich Towards God

A biblical, balanced view of money.

The New Life

31 daily readings for your new life in Jesus Christ. Ideal for new believers in Jesus.

Print version available

We will sell printed versions at R25 to cover costs. Email or call us on 011-616-4073, and we’ll get it to your site, or you can collect from the office in Bedfordview.

Christian Foundations

An introduction to the teachings of our Christian Faith.

Love Joburg

Evangelism – sharing your faith – is a lifestyle, not a programme. You don’t need to hype yourself up for it. It’s not calendar-driven, it’s relationship driven. People are more ready for the gospel than you realise, and you are more ready than you realise to share it.

Let us Pray

There is a difference between knowing about prayer and actually praying. What we learn about prayer in Scripture is written to help us to actually pray. For the majority of Christians their knowledge of prayer outweighs their actual prayer.

This short booklet on prayer is designed to complement our four part preaching series entitled “Let Us Pray”, which was preached at all the sites of Cornerstone Church Johannesburg in May 2015. The recordings are also available below.

Download the course booklet in your preferred format below:

Download the recordings

Let Us Pray – Persevering And Thanking

by Mark Meeske 24 May 2015 at Bedfordview AM [easy_media_download…

Let Us Pray – Waiting And Enquiring

by Craig Herbert 17 May 2015 at Bedfordview AM [easy_media_download…

Let Us Pray – Asking And Trusting

by Mark Meeske 10 May 2015 at Bedfordview AM [easy_media_download…

Let Us Pray – Devoting And Worshipping

by Waldo Kruger 3 May 2015 at Bedfordview AM [easy_media_download…

A Study on the Book of Psalms (Psalms 1 – 72)

The composition of the Psalms may be the most loved book of the entire Bible. New Testament writers certainly loved the composition of these emotionally and intellectually stimulating canticles. In this study we look at the Psalms that relate to the life of David from Psalm 1 – 72.

This course is periodically taught at our Equipping Courses (evenings or mornings).

Download the course booklet in your preferred format below: