Key women: I AM: The Resurrection And Life

Heather Farr explores the seven I AM statements of Jesus, delving more deeply into Jesus saying “I AM the Resurrection and Life

28 June 2017 at Key Women Bedfordview.

The End Is At Hand: Intro (Bedfordview PM)

Sunday night, 25 June – Greg Mattarelli introduces ‘The End Is At Hand’ series

The End Is At Hand: Intro

Sunday morning, 25 June – Marcus Herbert  introduces ‘The End Is At Hand’ series


Love Is The Community’s Witness (Rosebank)

Sunday morning, 25 June – Lance De Ruig shares with us

The End Is At Hand: Intro (Bedfordview PM)

Sunday night, 25 June – Greg Mattarelli introduces ‘The End Is At Hand’ series

The End Is At Hand: Intro

Sunday morning, 25 June – Marcus Herbert  introduces ‘The End Is At Hand’ series

Our relationship with the Holy Spirit (Rosebank)

Sunday morning, 18 June 2017 – Our relationship with the Holy Spirit

Last week we looked at the story of the Old Testament and the promise of the Messiah to come in the power of the Holy Spirit. This talk is about our relationship with the Holy Spirit as Christ followers.


Igniting the Fire Within Your Spirit

By Christopher Bompas

It’s remarkable how we can be so specific about our beverages (hot or cold, never in-between), the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, etc. and yet be so uncertain about what kind of relationship we have with Jesus. We can often be ‘lukewarm’ and not even know it, not realising the boundless riches available to us in Christ.

What are the signs of being a lukewarm Christian?

1) You aren’t certain that you are right with God.
2) You rationalise your sin.
3) You’re a Sunday Christian but on other days you’re indistinguishable from any one else.
4) You’re not reading the scripture or praying.
5) You rarely share your faith with others.
6) You only turn to God when you want something.
7) You appear fine but you’re secretly struggling with fear, anger and loneliness.

Does any of this ring a bell? The Good News is that Christ is ready to restore you if you let Him.

How to be on fire for Christ

Repent. The first command issued by the Church is to repent because sin poisons the relationship that we have with God. No matter what you have done, Christ’s Blood will wash you clean if you ask. (2 Peter 3:9)

Surrender to Christ. You have to choose between Christ and your family, Christ and your job, Christ and friends, Christ or your hobbies. This doesn’t mean you cannot have these things, of course, but it’s about what comes first. The Cross is ample proof that His love for you is boundless. When you put Him first, everything that you need will follow. (Galatians 2:20)

Break the cycle of sin. Do not rely on your willpower to resist temptation. Rather arrange your lifestyle in such a manner that you put yourself in a position where the possibility of sinning is minimised. For example, if you’re an alcoholic you shouldn’t be hanging around at a bar! (Matthew 5:30)

Go back to the basics. If you’re not praying and reading the Bible, you are spirituality starving. Not only are you likely to remain spiritually stagnant but you will find yourself going backwards. (2 Timothy 3:16-17). The Word gives us the gospel, which is what we need.

Involve God in your decisions. Slow down. You won’t die if you don’t make a decision this minute. Rather wait upon the Lord for Him to tell you what to do (Proverbs 3:5-6). Moreover, the Bible is singularly our greatest reference guide to God’s will. Once you do act, however, act fully. (Philippians 4:6-7)

Trust him. The righteous live by faith. Your spiritual life comes alive when you put all your trust in Christ. (Romans 1:17)

Here is a song to help you raise your spiritual temperature. Let’s be on fire for Christ!

Telling Others about Jesus

Over the course of this term, we’ve aimed to answer big questions about who Jesus is. Every week a new question was asked and the truth to that question discovered. What we hope to have done is teach our children more about how wonderful Jesus is and the need for them to keep seeking him and growing in knowing him. But there is more. Our focus this week is that because Jesus is so incredible, we cannot keep him for ourselves. We need to tell others about him too.

Our Part

As a church, we have a proclamation that says: To know Christ and to make Him known. We discussed this with our children. We looked at what Jesus said at the Great Commission. We looked at the instructions he gave the disciples: to wait for the Holy Spirit to anoint them to reach the world and share the good news of what Jesus did for all. This Sunday we encouraged our children to desire to tell others about Jesus. To help explore this practice, we used candles and sweets (not together) to help emphasise the need to share this wonderful news.

Your Part

Help your children think of ways to share the gospel. Children don’t fear offending people like we adults do. They would be happy to tell others about Jesus. Help them to meet people (be it family or friends), help them pray for the unsaved, help them with their testimony and how they can share it. Remind your children often of the Great Commission. And be the example as always. We long to see great evangelists birthed in our children.

– The Children’s Church team

The River Surrender (Bedfordview PM)

Sunday evening, 18 June – Shane Rielly continues our “River” series and speaks about Surrender.