Rooted in the River

At Rev this term (term 1 – 2017) we’re looking at how our present series, The River, can be practically applied in our lives.

The River focuses on Ezekiel 47 in the Bible. In this passage of scripture we are asking the same question the angel did of Ezekiel: have you seen this? This very much echoes what Jesus says in the gospels: He who has ears to hear, let him hear. God has made promises to us. He has promised that where his river flows – his Kingdom, his rule, his authority, his presence, his love, his holiness – there will be abundant life; salt water turned to fresh; transformation of our hearts; and fish of all kinds (diversity of people). He has promised that there is abundantly more in Him, and we must expect abundantly more from him.

But we need to get into that river, and not just go knee-deep or ankle-high, but get right into it so it sweeps us up.

We’ll be looking at six different roots in our lives that gets us practically into this river:

1. Jesus’ cross

2. Jesus’ Word

3. The Holy Spirit

4. Church

5. Jesus’ blood

6. Baptism

After the Looking Up camp in January, with the theme “Game Over”, we want to take our call and life and relationship with God seriously. So we’re being passionate and intentional about applying this.


In life we face many crossroads. These are times in our life when we honestly don’t know which way to go. Either way might fundamentally change our life, and we have no idea what the final outcome will be.

But we must make a decision. If we stay at our crossroads forever, we will never be able to move forward, and enjoy all God has for us.

This term at REV Youth Bedfordview, we’ve invited people to come and share their stories of their crossroads in life. How did they find out where to go? What was the core revelation that helped them, and continues to help them? What is God’s plan and intention when we reach these crossroads of life?

There’s a very simple way to unravel the mystery of what we should do and that is this: Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). If we can only grasp that, decisions will begin to become easier to make and we can relax in the knowledge that we’ve gone down the right road.