In Acts 2:42 we see that God’s intention for the Church has always been that we are devoted to four things: The Apostles’ Teaching (the Scriptures); The Breaking of Bread; Fellowship; and Prayer. Each of these are vital both to the individual and to the body of believers. Our DEVOTE booklets cover these in detail.

At our various sites we have a weekly time where we devote ourselves to these. This happens on Wednesday nights. First we pray, then we share a meal (site specific), and then we’re equipped with and by the Scriptures through our Equipping Courses. If you want to grow to be effective for God’s mission, this is an imperative evening.

We also run our DNA course at these meetings where we introduce who Cornerstone Church is, as well as Love Joburg, where we conduct various kinds of ministry into the city of Johannesburg.

What do we pray about?

While the prayer meeting is not very prescriptive, we generally focus outward and pray for ministry trips, church plants, our friends across the world, our country, or into a particular event.

Does the meal cost anything?

Yes, R25 for adults and R15 for children under 12. This is just to cover the costs of the meal.

What are Equipping Courses?

We usually run several courses every school term (our calendar runs with the public school calendar for convenience). Our Equipping Courses are designed to not just provide information about the Bible but teach us how we can teach the Bible. It’s about being equipped to equip others for God’s purposes.

There are three tiers of Equipping Courses offered, titled Track 1: Start; Track 2: Grow; Track 3: Lead. Each of these tracks are built to equip us from the basics of the Christian faith and our mission as Cornerstone (track 1) to being a leader in your sphere of ministry (leading at church or at work).

Track 1 runs every term. We announce the additional topics covered at the Equipping Courses before the term begins through our various communication channels.

Check out our Equipping Courses for more details.