Feedback from events and church plants.

Malawi Feedback

by Glenn van Rooyen

Our time in Malawi was simply fantastic. We’re really seeing some amazing fruit from all the tough work that Hennie and Anton Keyter have put into the area. Some of the church leaders have been working with Hennie (and now Anton) for as much as 40 years! The strength of relationships and the outworking of real brotherly love was simply fantastic.

We travelled 5,800km to bring New Testament Bibles to the Malawians. None of the vehicles gave us any mechanical problems, which was fantastic. But perhaps even more miraculously, we only got one speeding fine! That’s a long way to go without looking to put the foot down at least a little bit…

Many of the leaders were encouraged and, subsequently, the people they’re lading. Some of these guys have planted more than 40 churches. Hennie hasn’t personally been to Malawi in ten years but Jesus has been building His Church in such a powerful way.

Here’s the route we took – we first went up to Malawi and then came back down through Mozambique.


We met with leaders and distributed Bibles at:

1)      Blantyre
2)      Mulange
3)      Chikwawa
4)      Ntcheu

It was also great partnering across churches on this trip – we were joined by Newday Church, the Rustenburg church, and people from South Side and Bedfordview. We had the great privilege of encouraging over two hundred leaders representing more than four hundred churches.

So when are we going again? The Malawi Equip is happening on 17 October. Contact the office at 011-616-4073 or email if you’re keen on coming along.

Testing your Faith in Lesotho

We regularly make trips into Lesotho to work with the churches we have partnerships and relationships with there. Check out our trips for 2014 post for details of when we’re going to Lesotho this year (our next trip is in June).

Odette dos Santos went on our recent Lesotho trip to Maputso and tell us how it went, the challenges there, and what impacted her:

What are some of the challenges the people and churches are facing there?

Unemployment and housing are big issues there. It’s difficult to build and have adequate buildings and houses. The church that we work with needs a bigger property and a building to meet in.

Also, many of the men feel inadequate – they feel that they can’t live up to what’s expected of them in their role as Christian men at home, as part of a church, and in the the community.

Plus many of the youth have huge challenges with peer pressure and their relationships. It’s difficult to hold up Biblical values.

Who do you think would be able to make a significant impact in this area?

Looking at the many challenges, people who are passionate about these things (or who do these things) should really think of going on the next trip:

  • Youth workers (youth and leadership development)
  • Children’s church teachers
  • Women (to encourage and minister to women)
  • Builders/handy-men/skilled labourers

What was your highlight of the trip?

The hospitality of the family that we stayed with as well as their welcoming and humble hearts towards us. Also, the women’s group: their hunger for a closer relationship with God as well as for God’s word. Their reaction to being validated as a “beautiful” and “specific” part of God’s creation i.e. Having a specific purpose in God’s kingdom was especially encouraging.

Will you go again?

Yes. I feel that these trips often “test” our faith in how God can use us to reveal Himself to others. Also, I believe that there is a lot of potential, at this specific church in Lesotho, for us to equip, encourage and mentor on an ongoing basis.

What would you say to others about going on such a trip?

It’s really quite simple: just be obedient and available to wherever you feel God calling you. He will do the rest. It is amazing what God can do through you when you have this kind of attitude!

Finding Our Story

by Ryan Peter

“From strife to rest; from darkness to light; from death to life; from war to peace; from hate to love. This is the story of man and the story of God.”

This was one of the tag lines for The Story this weekend – three evenings of film, music, poetry and storytelling. It was a fantastic production in every way – moving and inspiring, showcasing the amazing talent we have in our community. (Yes, it was all a home-grown production!)

But what I took from The Story was such an overwhelming sense of my own sin and an even more overwhelming sense of God’s grace, and just how much bigger that grace is compared to my sin. It seems to me, after this weekend, that living with a deep sense of these two contrasting realities is necessary for a healthy Christian life. It’s partly why Jesus probably instituted that we regularly break bread, so we can remember what He did and why.

I must admit that The Story had a way of highlighting these two aspects deeply in a way that didn’t let you leave and just move on. It’s interesting how the Christian life is made up of so much sorrow (due to our sin) and so much joy (due to God’s abundant grace and mercy) all at the same time. I believe this is a good thing.

While I was moved I also had fun with friends at this weekend. If we do The Story again later on in this year I really recommend it. It’s a great opportunity to invite friends and family who may be closed to the Gospel but open to art and film, two wonderful ways of telling God’s Story.

Check out the photos below on our Facebook page.

Indonesia Report Back

Recently, Mark Meeske headed off to Indonesia and was part of the Equip time there. Here are some details of this trip from Steve Potter (Australia) who we partner with.

The team consisted of the Indonesian translocal team headed up by Darwin and Silvi Lontoh, bolstered by Ian McKellar (Church of Joy, Singapore), Mark and Steve Potter (Coastlands, Australia).

The churches in this area of the world are in an amazing space and poised, ready for increase both in the churches and in other regions. On a recent trip to West Timor, Darwin and Siswo went to the church in Soe, where the 1965 national revival started with Mel Tari. After a chance meeting with the pastor, Darwin ended up preaching to over 500 young people at a city wide youth gathering when all he wanted to do was get a photo! Many repented of passivity and were set alight for the gospel!

Many of the evening sessions at the Equip were packed. One night was overflowing, as a public holiday afforded many the opportunity to get there and people had to be seated on the stage. Over 450 leaders registered and attended at some time through the week. There was a notable deposit left from Mike Hanchett from a month earlier with a steady flow of testimonies and prophetic offerings through the week as a result.

Mark’s preach was about selfless apostolic living. Many responded to salvation and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

There was many notable healings through the week and one lady with advanced cancer received much prayer over the week and testified to noticeable change in pain levels and sleep.

As usual the worship was extraordinary with such rich tangle moments in His presence.

Another update from Keir and Callie Tayler in Poland

Keir and Callie Tayler are currently in Poland for an apostolic trip. Here’s an update on how things are going. (Read previous updates here.)

Acts 10: 33
“So I sent for you at once and you have been kind enough to come.  Now therefore we are all here in the presence of God to hear all that you have been commanded by The Lord.”

This scripture was given to us as we entered the village of Wolka Taneswka and the church was overflowing with folk from three churches who had come to hear and be healed.  What an absolute privilege. They left equipped and edified as the Word went out and the sick were prayed for.

We moved on the next day to a city about an hour’s drive away. Here we were privileged to pray for a man who was in a hospice dying after a heart attack. He was desperately ill but accepted Jesus into his life and we saw peace come back into his eyes.  We are trusting that he will recover.

We then went to a new church plant which was held in a basement in the city. Five pastors from different churches were present. The place was packed. After the Word was ministered many, many people came for prayer. First was a lady who had a foot in a plaster cast and was on crutches as it was apparently deformed. She could not stand on it as it was very painful.  God healed her foot and she left carrying her crutches.  She was also healed of ringing in her ears.  Her countenance changed radically. Many, many people came up for various oppressive illnesses and God was faithful to His Word and each one of them left rejoicing. The light in people’s eyes as they were set free was amazing!

The pastor from the village church was with us and he hugged Keir and said he had learned so much about New Testament church and was going to implement what he had learned into his church.  When we see The Holy Spirit work in people’s lives and set captives free like He did last night we are so humbled and know that this is the church that Jesus died for and He wants her free to be without spot or blemish. What a joy!

We then travelled about an hour and a half to the city of Tarnov where the pastor of Jehovah Nissi  (the church we are about to preach in) called people on his cellphone to come to the meeting as he was so excited by what he had seen and heard.  So tonight we are expectant for God to move amongst His people whom He loves so much.

Ps 105: 1
“Oh give thanks to The Lord; call upon His name; make known His deeds amongst the peoples……tell of all His wondrous works!”

Our love to you all!
Keir and Callie

Why Life Team? Mpho Ntuli

Thinking about – or know someone who’s thinking about – doing Cornerstone’s Life Team next year? Mpho led the Life Team in 2012 and, in the process, found himself changed as well. Here’s his story.

I had the incredible privilege of leading the team of 2012. To be honest, I had so many expectations, some of which were superficial, but I decided I was gonna walk into this having told God what it was I was looking for. God is so faithful to honour our dreams and desires and it was only months into the next year that I saw God’s faithfulness in my expectations.

God chipped off quite a few things that had crept into my character that he wasn’t pleased about and as much as it hurt when it was happening, the fruit of it that I’m living in now is incredible.

God taught me how to operate in team. It took a long time and I was sure at one point that I was never going to get this right. Today I’m part of an awesome team of youth leaders and I’m able to be as effective as I believe God’s called me to for now because of the road I had walked on with Life Team.

It was only after he had dealt with stuff that was on His heart that God began to attend to the desires of my heart, and like I’ve said already, the fruit of this has been incredible.

So if you’re keen to join Life Team, perhaps let me encourage you this way:

1. Allow yourself to be mentored (there is huge anointing and power in accountability).
2. Don’t distance yourself from God just because you spend all your time surrounded by other Christians.
3. Open your heart to connecting, ministering and being ministered to by the team.
4. Figure out what areas of ministry/spiritual gifts you’re passionate about and called to and then actively pursue these.
5. Don’t throw in the towel when the going gets tough. As much as it hurts, its all part of God’s plan!

Short update from Keir and Callie Tayler in Poland

Here’s a short update from Callie Tayler, currently in Poland on an apostolic trip with her husband, Keir:

We’ve been in four towns already where several churches gather to hear the Word.  We’ve been so very blessed to see the changes since we were here two years ago and how they have grown and implemented New Testament church principals.

The first town was Swidnik and they were all so excited to have us back and to tell Keir what has happened to them and how they are praying every day for revival in Poland.  It was a great time of heart connections and I was amazed at how much they love and respect Keir.

The next day we travelled an hour and a half to Radzin where the church was full and expectant. Many miracles have happened in this small church in its nine years and again God has proved himself faithful. A man who was crippled first gave his heart to Jesus and left his crutch behind as he was totally healed. A woman with terrible calcification in her neck and shoulders was laughing for joy as she could swing her arms and move her neck. Another lady was healed of breathing problems. And there was another testimony where a chronic disease was healed where a lady was going for an MRI scan free from excruciating pain and so it went on.  How exciting it is to see our Lord through His Spirit operate in people’s lives and set them free from these bondages.

We then went to the town of Parcewz. A vibrant expectant gathering of three churches awaited us. God’s presence was evident and they were so happy we had come back to minister as the prophetic Word given them two years ago was evident in the church.  Again God confirmed his Word with salvations and people being baptised in the Holy Spirit and healed in many different things – legs, backs, feet etc. It was a glorious time.

From there we have moved to Hrubieszow for two nights. We are expectant for the Holy Spirit to move here as many people are oppressed and downcast.   It is a lot of moving and ministering and sleeping in some very strange places but worth every minute when I see how much they love the presence of God.  They are fervent in praying and excited in God!!!

Our dearest love to you all,

Another update, sent Friday 8 November

Jesus went about to all the towns and villages teaching and proclaiming the gospel and healing Matt 5 23. As Jesus did so we follow His example.

Poland has been just like that. Sometimes there are a few churches gathered together to hear the Word of life and other times we are sent to the villages and smaller churches that have never had someone from Africa come and share the love of Jesus with them .

At all times we count it such a privilege and the Holy Spirit comes and changes lives sets the captives free and heals those who are oppressed.

Our last visit was to the city of Hrubieszow to a fairly small church. After ministering the Word at two sessions God confirmed His Word with healings. A woman with a goiter in her throat could swallow and talk again and a woman with scholiosis could lift her arms and jumped up and down as the pain instantly departed from her back and legs. She came up and took my face and said “I will never forget you”.

I felt so humbled as she was an extremely poor lady living in a shelter for women. All the time as we travel into towns cities and villages we are reminded that Jesus sees every person as precious in His sight and we are to see them with His eyes.

A couple of ladies had healings in their eyes and one man had terrible pain in all his joints and stomach and the pain left.

Sometimes it is hard as we sleep in tiny beds with very thin mattresses and we move around to different churches constantly with ministry every day but it is all about advancing His Kingdom one place at a time so we count it a joy.

We are in a city now called Radom and ministering twice into a church of about 100 people. Last night a pregnant lady came to the front to repent and give her heart back to Jesus. She wept and wept and people lined up for healing.

We go to a village church tonight in Stratowice, and then back to Radom for Sunday meetings. Our internet exposure is very erratic and where we are based now we cannot get so I do this letter so when we do connect again it can go to you all.

Our love in His service, Keir and Callie

Quick update from Mark Meeske in Indonesia

Update from Mark Meeske, currently doing apostolic work in Indonesia:

He shared last night and God came in power. There were healings and the Spirit refreshed and empowered many. They are trusting for more of that and they’re all very excited.

He says there are 300 folk there and they are hungry for more of God and being encouraged in a big way. Worship is awesome.

Keep praying for Mark and feel free to encourage him via SMS. If you have any prophetic words for them, SMS him as well.

Why Life Team? Shannon Strydom

Shannon (left) with Faye Mc Clean, who also did Life Team in 2004.

Thinking about – or know someone who’s thinking about – doing Cornerstone’s Life Team next year? Shannon Strydom was part of the Life Team in 2004. She was 22 at the time and had just completed her studies and year of community service as an occupational therapist. Here’s what Life Team was like for her.

I found Life Team to be an incredible experience involving lots of hard work, many challenges, tons of fun, awesome team mates – some of whom remain my closest friends – and times in God’s presence that were so life-changing that I remember them with clarity, even nearly 10 years later.

I’d like to highlight one aspect that was definitive for our year: the trips that we went on as a team. We went on more than 11 ministry trips and each provided unique opportunities to learn, grow and give. These trips included outreaches to Mpumalanga, Viljoenskroon in the Free State, Mafikeng and Mooi River; accompanying Marcus as he ministered in Port Elizabeth; braaing more than 2000 chicken wings for the celebration of a church transition in Venda; hanging out with another team in Cape Town; ministering to the church in East London; team building in Ramsgate; assisting at the Junior Youth Camp; serving at the Bloem LTT (now Equip) and the Lesotho LTT; and serving for a month in Malawi. Throughout the year, an understanding and appreciation of the apostolic heart of the Gospel was birthed in my heart.

Looking back over nine and a half years, it’s easier to pick out the milestones that shape your life, and I can say that 2004 was definitely one of those.

How you choose to respond to the opportunities and lessons that the experience of Life Team brings is up to you.

Kaleidoscope 2013: Lives Were Touched

Kaleidoscope Women's Conference 2013

by Justine Engelbrecht

Many women’s lives were touched at this year’s Kaleidoscope through Jean Guthrie’s ministry and the wonderful women of Cornerstone’s eldership. Through amazing faith and their blessings, hearts were restored and lives changed. Here are some of the bible verses and messages that were imparted over these three amazing days.

Here are some of my highlights – scriptures and points – from the event.

When you are born again you have a new image. We have Jesus’ image. We can only radiate with Jesus’ Spirit in us. We must yield to His Spirit so that we can radiate for Him. Our “aim” must be to look like Him.

Genesis 1:26-27

What has happened to the image of God in us?

Genesis 3:6-12

Adam & Eve were clothed in God’s glory but when they sinned that glory was removed from them and they were naked. When we sin we become separated from God, but through Jesus we can go to Him & receive forgiveness. The only way is to be born again.

Romans 8:29

For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the firstborn among many brothers.

This is so very important and it is something we should remind ourselves of everyday – To never stop praying for family and other people, as all you can take to heaven are people.

Luke 20:21-25

God has a rightful claim on every person. We need to bear His image. He wants us to be filled with and led by His Spirit. We need to be wrapped in His glory.

2 Peter 1:4

Yield to the Spirit. Satan is trying to rub off God’s image from people and replace it with his image. But we must resist it and pray for those that are in that place.

How does Satan rub off God’s image? Through things such as:

Addictions – alcohol and nicotine






Low self image

Low self esteem



But Jesus is the Prince of Peace & our Saviour. He sets us free & we don’t need to rely on anything or anyone but Him. In Him we have JOY! Nothing can compete with the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit everything is human effort.

No Holy Spirit equals no result – but when He comes in there are results. Jesus didn’t leave us alone; He gave us the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is a person. There is no power that can stand against the power of the Holy Spirit. Some of these scriptures came up during our time together:

Acts 1:4-5

Acts 1:8 (God wants to use us!)

Matthew 3:11

Acts 2:1-4 (God wants to baptise us with the Holy Spirit and fire so that we will never be the same. Ignite the fire.)

1 Corinthians 14:1-2, 14-15

Jude 20 (Stay in the Spirit! The Spirit needs to dominate the flesh.)

John 16:5-15 (Every one of us can have the Holy Spirit)

Without the anointing nothing happens. Outside of Jesus there is no anointing.

Isaiah 10:27

The anointing destroys the yoke. The anointing is the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit. It is not hype. It’s not fleshly preaching, praying, singing, dancing, entertainment and shouting; it is the presence of God

Acts 4:13

Anointing comes from being with Jesus. So we must pray!

The anointing is the touch of God on my life. One touch and you will never be the same. It’s like electricity. Therefore yield to the spirit of God.

The anointing can be seen in certain things:

– Your countenance changes

– Holy weeping

– Spontaneous speaking in tongues

– Getting intoxicated with the Holy Spirit

– Sinners repent

– Spontaneous praise & worship

– Shaking & falling

– Heat

Acts 8:14

Acts 19:11-12

Acts 5:12-15 (The anointing can be transferred.)

1 John 2:27

There is a personal believers anointing. There is corporate anointing. The anointing comes from the Throne Room of Heaven. You do not want someone else’s anointing, you must get the original anointing from the original Anointer which is God Himself.

Yield to the Holy Spirit.

Exodus 40.38

Original gospel mandate, impossible without the power of God.

‘The Presence of God is so precious to me, that I yielded and yielded and yielded and was changed!’

The Presence of God

We must be filled with the Holy Spirit, without Him we can do nothing. Like a glove needs a hand to do what needs to be done, so we need the Holy Spirit. We are the glove and He is the hand.

When we are filled with the Holy Spirit we will never be the same again, in the same way Saul became Paul on the Damascus road. We all need a Damascus road experience.

Yield to the Holy Spirit, do not grieve Him.

2 Corinthians 3:6

“Spirit makes alive”

If you have a head, Jesus has a flame for you. Your flame has a name!

2 Corinthians 5:17-21

– God has given us the ministry of reconciliation.

– We are a His ambassadors.

– We are to be flames of fire.

– There is no such thing as a silent gospel.

– God is working with us, and within us.

– We have to be on fire for Jesus Christ otherwise we cannot set others on fire.

– Stir the gift, be set on fire.

– Yield to God’s Spirit & His Power.

Psalm 42, 63

Matthew 3:11

Jeremiah 5:14

– God’s power can’t come out of you unless it’s in you.

– God has plans for us & it is in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Psalm 104:4

– ‘Wind is messenger, fire and flame ambassadors’

– Yield to the Spirit, Yield to the Fire, Now is the time, now is the Hour!

Romans 12:11

– To be filled with zeal, you must be filled with fuel.

Please be encouraged to look up the verses and to receive the incredible blessings that Jesus has in store for you. Yield to His Spirit, receive His grace and power!