Ukwakha Isizwe Barnyard Fundraiser a Lesson in Good Music

written by Michaele Fergusson

The Ukwakha Isizwe Barnyard fundraiser took place on the 20th October at the Cresta Barnyard. It was basically a music show and very enjoyable.

Although we were unsuccessful in selling all the tickets, we managed, with the help of some very dedicated Cornerstone members, to fill the bottom half of the theatre.

The show, Travelling Band with Clint and Co, was an awesome walk down memory lane for those of us over 40. And for the younger generation it was a lesson in good music! The feedback we received was very positive – good food, good show and overall a very enjoyable evening.

Africa Planning: A Privilege, an Inspiration, a Challenge

Written by Mark Meeske and Lance de Ruig

Recently Central Cornerstone hosted Africa Planning, an event where relating NCMI churches report-back on the work being done into Africa and plans are made for future work. It’s not a closed event and all are welcome to attend. Mark Meeske and Lance de Ruig share their experience of this year’s Africa Planning below.

Mark Meeske:

It was a real privilege to sit with men and women who not only talk about reaching and winning Africa for Jesus, but are actually doing it. It’s always inspiring to hear the stories and testimonies of how God is moving in Africa and the amazing doors that He is opening into this great continent.

What has been achieved for the King and His Kingdom in Africa is phenomenal; but it is nothing compared to what God still has in store for the nations in Africa. We surely are living in the most exciting apostolic time in history. The best truly is still to come.

This is certainly not the time to take our foot off the “apostolic accelerator”. There are churches to plant, nations to reach, a continent to change, and God has chosen to use His Church for this great purpose. As the great St. Augustine once said, “If the world is not your parish, then the parish has become your world”. What a tragedy that would be!

The Africa planning time is a wonderful reminder that the Great Commission is still alive and well; and continues to inspire us to “ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession” (Psalm 2:8). What a privilege to see people and nations transformed by the power of the Gospel.

Lance de Ruig:

God is doing incredible things in Africa. From the farthest North to the extremes of West and East, the Spirit is moving across the continent. While there are lots of people doing incredible work in Africa the old adage remains true: “The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few.”

As we went around the room and discussed the work that God is doing we were all encouraged, but at the same time it was glaringly obvious when looking at the map that Africa is huge and needs a lot more workers.

We have covered good ground, but there is still so much more to do, so many more adventures to go on and so many more people who need to hear about Jesus. If you are interested in getting involved there is no lack of opportunities available.

Having A Caleb Spirit

TITLE: Having A Caleb Spirit
PREACHER: Jim Lamont
DATE: 30 OCTOBER 2011 – Sunday AM

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Place Your Hope In God

TITLE: Place Your Hope In God
PREACHER: Lance De Ruig
DATE: 23 OCTOBER 2011 – Sunday PM

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Catch A Wake Up

TITLE: Catch A Wake Up
PREACHER: Marcus Herbert
DATE: 23 OCTOBER 2011 – Sunday AM

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Kaleidoscope 2011 Report Back

written by Tanya de Ruig

Kalos (the root word of kaleidoscope) in Greek means beautiful; that was the theme of this year’s Kaleidoscope Women’s Conference: She’s beautiful. The women looked beautiful, the hall looked beautiful, but what God did at the conference was beautiful. Women were set free from rejection, jealousy, fear, hopelessness and their value was restored as Jesus revealed himself to all the women. He showed them how beautiful they are inside and out in His eyes. This freedom lead to unabandoned worship and a new revelation that a woman’s call and purpose is to advance God’s kingdom.

Download the recordings of the messages here.


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Exchange: 7 October – Impacting Those Around Us

Written by Julia Taylor

The Exchange, a forum where business people can be encouraged in the Kingdom and learn how to be more effective in taking the Gospel into the marketplace, takes place every month on the first Friday of the month. This month (which took place on 7 October) saw Llouella Humphrey share and encourage us.

I always look forward to the monthly Exchange meetings, whether there are speakers from within or outside of Cornerstone Church. I always expect to encourage others, to be encouraged and challenged in my way of thinking. The October Exchange did not disappoint.

Llouella said that in order to BE a person of influence you need intimacy with Jesus and allow Him to influence us, as David in the Old Testament did. We are to influence and impact those around us, especially in the marketplace. She quoted Kenneth Meshoe (president of the ACDP): “Always persevere. There are people whose lives are waiting to be effected by what God has placed within you.”

Definitely a word in season, and it was good to be reminded of this again as I write this. It was also a very valuable and meaningful time of fellowship. Thank you to all the organisers!

The next Exchange meets on 4 October at Central Cornerstone. It starts at 6 for 6:30 and ends at 7:30. We usually advertise the event in the notices during our times together or keep your eye / ear on our relevant communication channels.

Four Areas To Grow In Consistently

TITLE: Four Areas To Grow In Consistently
PREACHER: Michael Nicholas
DATE: 16 OCTOBER 2011 – Sunday PM

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Encouragement For The Bride

TITLE: Encouragement For The Bride
PREACHER: Alison Nicholas
DATE: 16 OCTOBER 2011 – Sunday AM

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Releasing Our God Given Potential

TITLE: Releasing Our God Given Potential
PREACHER: Roseanne Gourlay
DATE: 16 OCTOBER 2011 – Sunday AM

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