Coming Back to Life: The Final Chapter of Joel (Live Online)

Marcus ends our series on Joel and also speaks of current world events and our racial tensions.

See the live stream below or download the message.

Coming Back to Life: Judgement and the End

Marcus continues to work through the book of Joel and applying it to today, this time speaking of judgement.

You can stream the preach below or download the audio.

Coming Back to Life: He Will Pour His Spirit Out on All People

Marcus continues our exegesis of the book of Joel, looking at Joel 2:28.

Coming Back to Life: God Restores

Coming Back to Life: God Restores

Marcus speaks about God’s restoration through Joel 2.

Stream the video or download the audio below.

Coming Back to Life: God Answering Prayer

Marcus looks at God answering prayer in the book of Joel and how that applies to today’s context.

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Coming Back to Life: Presume on the Love of God

Marcus encourages us to presume on the love of God.

You can stream the video or download the audio below.

Coming Back to Life: Rend Your Hearts, Not Your Garments

During the lockdown, Marcus Herbert continues to share from the book of Joel, sh0wing how it is relevant to our time and focusing on Joel 2: “Rend your hearts, and not your garments.”

You can download the audio (just the message) or watch the stream (includes worship).

Coming Back to Life: Marcus Herbert – LIVE STREAM

Marcus Hebert preaches about our response to fear and how we can continue to seek God and revival in this time – 22 February 2020

This message is available for audio download, alternatively you can watch the message on our Youtube channel.

Coming Back to Life- Gregg Matarelli

Greg Matarelli continues in our Coming Back to Life preaching series – 15 February 2020