Romans 8 (Bedfordview PM)

Sunday evening at Bedfordview, 26 November 2017. Shane Rielly shares on “The five greatest questions” Part 1 – Romans 8:31-38.

Break the Rules

Sunday morning at Bedfordview, 26 November 2017. Mark Bouffe speaks about man’s religion and God’s life.

Children’s Church: God Has No Missed Calls

When it comes to cell phones, we often have problems getting our message across to someone. Maybe they can’t hear us, the line gets cut off, their battery dies or we run out of airtime. With God this never happens. There are no missed calls, no lost messages and no, “can you hear me now”. We can be sure that when we pray, God hears every word clearly. By discussing with the children how love bears all things, we spent time this Sunday looking at prayer, and how, because of God’s love for us, He will always be available to us in prayer.

Our Part
We looked at Daniel in the Bible. Daniel would pray every day to God. But the king decreed that no one should pray to anyone else except to him for 30 days. If this law was broken it would result in death. Many of us would do the maths. To skip prayer to God for 30 days when I pray 365 days a year, to save my life, is easy to do. But Daniel refused to dishonour God. And so God protected Daniel when he was in the lion’s den. Daniel prayed and God listened and answered.

The aim of the story was to show how despite difficulties, we should still love – how even when people are against us, we should still live motivated by God’s love.

Your Part
Daniel’s story is a great one to encourage your children to keep praying to God, no matter what is going on in their lives. Share some of your stories of when God heard and answered your prayers. As we come near to the end of our theme of love, encourage your children to find ways to display love to others.

We will end next Sunday with our last lesson on God’s love. See your children then.

– The Children’s Church team

Children Of God Part 1 (Rosebank)

26 Nov 2017 Nathan Gernetzky “Children of God” Part 1 We looked at Romans 8:14-18 This scripture teaches us three things. We are to live as children of God and not as slaves to fear.

Five Questions from Romans 8 (Bedfordview AM)

Sunday morning at Bedfordview, 19 November 2017. Craig Herbert shares on “The five greatest questions” Part 1 – Romans 8:31-38.


Children’s Church: Forgiveness

One of the hardest actions we can learn as people would definitely be the ability to forgive others. Whether someone performs a small wrong or a deliberate hurt that can scar for us some time, we too often find it difficult to forgive. Our children could grasp this difficulty and in our continued discussion of God’s love, this Sunday we looked at how scripture says that love keeps no record of wrongs. Our prayer is that this ability can be practised far above the choice to display unforgiveness.

Our Part
We looked through the story of David and how he went from being admired by Saul, to Saul wanting to kill David. It was so encouraging to read how David kept his heart on wanting to honour God and because of that, he chose to love Saul, forgive Saul, and not hold any wrongs against Saul. We looked how easy it can be to hold unforgiveness and thus not show love. But when we look at God’s response to us, and how He forgives us, the challenge is how we can forgive others.

Your Part
This lesson has to be practised more than preached. The best way to teach forgiveness is to show it. Parents, teach your children forgiveness by showing them forgiveness. Do not keep bringing up their faults in the past, but rather show them how love keeps no record of wrongs. Help them to see when they can show forgiveness to others. Help them find the words to do it, and the attitude to truly mean it.

We are so blessed live in freedom because we have been forgiven. We pray that our love for others will grow as we learn to forgive.

The Children’s Church team

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What Can Separate Us from the Love of God?

Sunday morning at Rosebank, 19 November 2017 – part two of our “Greatest Questions” theme. Marcus Herbert preached on Romans 8:31-38 and asks the question: “What can separate us from the love of God?”

Encountering God (bedfordview pm)

Sunday evening at Bedfordview, 12 November 2017 – Steve Everett share about “Encountering God”


Children’s Church: Love is Kind

It is wonderful to see how encouragement can build a person up, but it is also frightening how easily one negative word can break someone down. This Sunday with our children, we looked at how love is kind and what the wonderful outcomes can be through us displaying kindness to one another.

Our Part

In our object lesson, we used the idea of making ripples in water to how kind actions can have a “ripple-effect” with people. The smallest stone causes ripples in water. In the same way, our smallest acts of kindness can positively impact a person.

We then looked at the story of the Good Samaritan. It was sad to read how those who had more reason to help the injured Jewish traveller, chose to rather walk by and not help a person in desperate need. But it was so encouraging to read how the Samaritan chose to stop his journey and help the injured man. His kindness wouldn’t have been expected, it crossed cultural barriers, he used most of his money to care for a stranger, and he didn’t do it for reward. His kindness changed a person’s life. So can our acts of kindness to each other.

Your Part

Encourage your children to remember to be kind. Sometimes being kind doesn’t just happen naturally. We need to actually remind ourselves to be kind. Always look at Jesus. Talk about his kindness to us and how he can help us to become more kind because of him. Help them see the ripples of kindness in their kind acts to others.

The Children’s Church team

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash