Solid foundations for the Christian faith

Finally Free

Find out what the good news of Jesus is, how it applies to you, and why it matters.

The new life

31 daily readings for your new life in Christ Jesus. Ideal for new believers in Jesus.


If you’re keen on joining Cornerstone because you’ve been coming for a while, and you are involved in a Life group, you can get to know us better through our DNA course.

Christian Foundation

This is a 12 week course that introduces the teachings of our Christian Faith.

The aim of this material is to get you moving in the right direction and make sure the Bible’s grass roots teaching about our life in Christ is deeply rooted in you.


Evangelism – sharing your faith – is a lifestyle, not a programme. You don’t need to hype yourself up for it. It’s not calendar-driven, it’s relationship driven. People are more ready for the gospel than you realise, and you are more ready than you realise to share it.

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