Ukwakha Isizwe’s HArt Day Centre on the Radio

Written by Ryan Strydom

Zelda with the Our Community Voice team on Radio Today

Ukwakha Isizwe’s HArt Day Centre, a home for street children, was recently featured on Radio Today, which broadcasts on 1485AM and nationally across the SADC sub-region on DStv Audio Channel 169. Zelda Cronje, who helps run the home and is also part of the overseeing team of Ukwakha Isizwe, the umbrella organisation that covers a number of social justice initiatives that Cornerstone is involved with, was interviewed.

The interview took place on a show called Our Community Voice and it was hosted by Brendon Burmester and Elaine Thorne from the I Love Kensington Association (ILKA). Our Community Voice broadcasts every Wednesday at 11:30.

It was great getting this coverage for HArt and Ukwakha Isizwe. The podcast for the show can be downloaded at this link (scroll down for the show dated 21 September).

The show aims to encourage a sense of community, raise general issues taking place in communities living in greater Johannesburg.

Pebbles Fun Day Sept 2011 Photos

Written by Ryan Strydom


   A great time was had by parents and kids alike at the Pebbles Fun Day on Saturday 10 September where there was lots of great food, ice creams, candy floss and cake! Plus a ton of fun sports and activities like a fishing stall, jumping castles, face painting, paintball, and the ever-popular friendly farmyard. Above are some photos to show how much fun was had.

This was Pebbles’ main fund raising event for the year. With funds raised at last year’s fun day Pebbles were able to purchase a new microwave, CD players for the classrooms, carpets and many other necessary items. The aim this year is to purchase new equipment for the playground.

Pebbles sends out a big thanks to families who have been so generous with donations. Enjoy the photos!

What Is God Like?

TITLE: What Is God Like?
PREACHER: Bruce Benge
DATE: 25 SEPTEMBER 2011 – Sunday PM

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Partnering With The Apostolic

TITLE: Partnering With The Apostolic
PREACHER: Mark Bouffe
DATE: 25 SEPTEMBER 2011 – Sunday AM

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Flowing In The Gifts

TITLE: Flowing In The Gifts
PREACHER: Marcus Herbert
DATE: 18 SEPTEMBER 2011 – Sunday PM

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Luke 8:40-56 – Power Over Sickness And Death

TITLE: Luke 8:40-56 – Power Over Sickness And Death
PREACHER: Marcus Herbert
DATE: 18 SEPTEMBER 2011 – Sunday AM

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Great Time in Tanzania

Written by Ryan Strydom

Marcus and Craig recently returned from the Tanzania EQUIP time which was very well attended with over 200 leaders from 75 relating churches, some from as far away as Kigoma (the EQUIP time was in Mikumi which is in Central Tanzania whereas Kigoma is in the far western regions).

It was a fruitful time and saw new relationships begin to form. The guys were able to begin connecting with a Maasai pastor who ministers to several churches in the central Tanzanian area and is looking for closer relationship, being quite keen for us to do training in his churches.

Two couples and a single fellow were released onto the East African trans-local NCMI team during the EQUIP time as well.

Some of the ministry highlights include Keir Taylor’s training where he picked up on evangelism and spiritual giftings, while Emanualle Nazzi (a pastor we work with from Tuscany, Italy) ministered excellently on heart issues. There was also some discourse around how churches relate to trans-local teams which was very enlightening for the local guys and quite effective.

After the EQUIP time Marcus and Craig went to Dar es Salaam (Pugu Hills) to join with Martin Ubwe who was facilitating outreach meetings. Martin is a pastor of a church there and is also on Team. It’s a very strong Muslim influenced area so there weren’t many visitors but there were lots of healings, which was encouraging. The major part of the ministry there was focused on boosting the local church (Martin’s church) and it was effective in doing that.

It was a great time of encouraging and strengthening our brothers and sisters in Tanzania! And the food was great!

Farming God’s Way Taught in Maputo

Written by Alan Gardner

A wheat field

Recently a team of us visited a couple at Ricatla Seminary in Maputo (Lee and Margret) who have committed to teaching Farming God’s Way (FGW) there for the next five years. It’s a very exciting venture because they have a captive audience for three years while the students are there studying.

One of the subjects the students are learning is FGW borrowed from the South African Theological Seminary (SATS) and they are rolling it out over a number of years. Of course this year’s third year students won’t have the full teaching but they would have at least planted their own Well Watered Garden before they go back to their respective congregations.

Lee and Margret have also committed to visiting the various students in their home locations once they have graduated to encourage them with their extension into their respective communities. Plus, they are busy planting the first comparative garden which consists of nine Well Watered Gardens each with different inputs and ranging from the African Way through to God’s Way.

They were very encouraged by our visit and our interest and we got to help with the Monday and the Tuesday teaching. Looks like a good platform from which to leapfrog into the various communities, we will be watching them closely.

I’m hoping to visit them again before the end of the year.

Click here to download a free study guide from SATS for Farming God’s Way.

Listening To The Right Voice

TITLE: Listening To The Right Voice
PREACHER: Lance De Ruig
DATE: 11 SEPTEMBER 2011 – Sunday PM

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Resisting The Evil One

TITLE: Resisting The Evil One
PREACHER: Mark Meeske
DATE: 11 SEPTEMBER 2011 – Sunday AM

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