Salvation at a Parkade

Written by Barry Celliers

This morning when I finished parking my car at a parkade, one of the car wash attendants approached me about a car wash. I noticed that he had some cotton wool shoved into his ear.

Before he could say anything I asked him what his name was and what was wrong with his ear. He told me that his name was Philemon and that his ear hurt and liquid was coming out of it. I asked him if he would like me to pray for his ear to be healed, and chatted to him about whether or not he knew Jesus. Although he struggled to hear what I was saying, he understood what I asked and did want prayer, albeit a bit reluctantly.

It turned out that he is a Christian and fellowships at a Pentecostal church. I laid a hand on his ear and prayed for it to be healed, and then gave the Lord thanks. I encouraged him to continue to pray for his ear to be healed and promptly left on my way to the office where I work.

While walking toward the lift lobby area, two ‘car wash’ ladies ran after me and stopped me before I got to the lift. The one lady, Kate, asked me to pray for her healing. She had been taking pills for a physical problem; however nothing has helped her so far. She seemed in despair, but not without hope. She didn’t want to share exactly what her problem was, but I reassured her that the Lord knew exactly what it was and it was His will to heal her. I asked her if she knew Jesus and she replied that she didn’t, adding that she had also only been in a church a few times.

I laid a hand on her shoulder and we began to pray. As I confessed healing over her body in Jesus’ name, she did also – and loudly! I followed on to rebuke the devil, and again she joined in the rebuking. We confessed Jesus’ name and gave him thanks. Even as we prayed, which happened to be in the view of everyone who walked or drove past us, I felt that the focus should be on the Lord, Kate and the prayer, not the people around (who in my regard should be ignored for the moment, which in any case would definitely get something to think about! 🙂 )

Well, after we concluded the prayer, I asked Kate if she would like to give her life to Jesus. She was so excited at the idea she didn’t even think twice about it – she just said yes. I then led her through a prayer where she committed her life to Jesus, confessing belief in who He is. Then, asking her where she lived and about going to a church, she and her sister Nolte were interested in where I fellowship. I told her about Cornerstone and then gave her information about Uptown and Central, where and when she can come attend.

It was very refreshing to see such faith and excitement in a person for the Lord, and also how God uses circumstances in such a way to bring Him glory! Praise God!!