Cornerstone Church Cornerstone Church Sunday Morning | 2 June | One Sunday


We got together this past Sunday as all 10 sites of Cornerstone Church from across the city of Johannesburg, to celebrate Jesus! This One Sunday happened after our Kaleidoscope women’s conference that took place over Friday and Saturday. Adele shares with us some of the stories of courageous women in the Bible and their stories, reminding us that we all have a story that is being written, but are we willing to hand the pen over to Jesus?

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Cornerstone Church Cornerstone Church Sunday Morning | 21 April | One Sunday


This One Sunday, we joined together with all of our sites, to celebrate what Jesus is doing in and around our city. Tyrone Daniel who leads the NCMI Team was with us and shared a word. we also ordained some new elders, from across our sites.

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Cornerstone Church Sunday Morning | 8 October | One Sunday: Apostolic Identity


This One Sunday Marcus preached about our apostolic identity.

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Cornerstone Church Sunday Morning | 4 June | One Sunday: Kaleidoscope

Our Kaleidoscope Ladies conference weekend concludes with One Sunday. Marcus and Adele preach on what it means to be rooted in Christ.

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Cornerstone Church Sunday Morning | 23 April | One Sunday: 40th Birthday Celebration


This One Sunday we celebrated 40 Years of Cornerstone Church. From 1983 to 2023 our God has and continues to be faithful. Thank you Jesus!

This morning we were joined by Tyrone Daniel, who leads the NCMI team. His preach is titled: What to contend for.

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Kaleidoscope 2022: Session 6 – One Sunday – Marcus and Adele Herbert – The Bride Of Christ

Our Kaleidoscope conference concluded as we had a One Sunday, gathering together with all our sites to talk about how we as the entire church, men and women, are called to be the Bride of Christ and how we are called to action! – 04 September 2022

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Cornerstone Church Sunday Morning | 4 September | 10:00am | One Sunday: Kaleidoscope – The Bride of Christ


Kaleidoscope Women’s Conference weekend comes to a close with our One Sunday all sites celebration. Marcus and Adele talk about The Bride Of Christ in two ways: Adele shares on the Bride making herself ready, and Marcus shares on how the Bride is an army.

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Tyrone Daniels – Apostolic Input – Our Perspective of Christ

Tyrone Daniels who leads NCMI shared with us at our One Sunday meeting as all our sites gathered together. Tyrone Preached on how important it is to keep our focus on Jesus and have the right perspective of Him. – 24 April 2022

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One Sunday: Seeing Heaven Opened

Marcus shares with us our Vision as a church for the year, Seeing Heaven Opened! We look at the life of Jacob and how he didn’t earn favour but God’s grace gave him favour.

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