Why Life Team? Tebz Ntuli

Thinking about – or know someone who’s thinking about – doing Cornerstone’s Life Team next year? Tebz Ntuli was part of the Life Team in 2009. Here’s what it was like for him.

I just about grew up in the Church and Life Team seemed like one of those things you did if you didn’t really know what to do the next year after grade 12, or because that’s what most people did after school. Needless to say that view completely changed and I can confidently say my life and future also changed.

Some of the stuff I absolutely loved was just how much God used me as young guy to do the most craziest things like praying for the sick. And they actually got healed! People’s legs got sorted, blind people started seeing, bone diseases literally disappeared just by us praying! And simple things like coughs and stuff was also gone instantly!

God has called all His people to operate, not just the older folks, and that is what we got to do, from going on trips around South Africa and internationally, getting opportunities to preach and serve other churches.

Most people would probably see Life Team as a year event and life goes on after that, but I must say I learned so many practical things that I use in my everyday life, like the heart of serving, dealing with people that sometimes you would rather not deal with, working in a team and serving under a leader.

I’ve seen so many guys do Life Team over the years after I did and there is always a difference in every single person from the beginning of the year to the end. Guys become in love with God, become involved in the church life, their attitudes towards life are completely different because of what God’s done in them.

I don’t know if “recommend” would be the word I would use for guys to do Life Team because it would come across as a 50/50 attitude towards it. I would totally do it all again because of how much my life has been impacted by giving a year of my life to God through Life Team!

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