Bible Reading Plans

Grow in your Bible reading habits with these Bible reading plans ranging from an introductory level, with not much effort required, and progressing through to a full year’s commitment reading through the entire Bible. Each level aims to grow your understanding of the story of the whole Bible, how it fits together and how it all points to Jesus.

LEVEL 1: Introduction to the Bible

• Introduction to the Christian Faith
9 day plan with short readings and videos introducing the overarching themes and storyline of the Bible.

• How to Read the Bible

19 day plan with short readings and videos covering an overview of the design, genres and storyline of the Bible.

LEVEL 2: Two months

• 60 Day Overview of the Bible
A highlights tour of the whole story of the Bible.
1 - 2 chapters a day 

LEVEL 3: Six months

• 180 day Guided Tour of the Bible
A more detailed highlights tour of the whole story of the Bible.
1 chapter a day

LEVEL 4: New Testament in 1 year

• New Testament in 1 Year
1 chapter a day
Read through the whole New Testament in a year with videos introducing each book and key themes of the New Testament.

LEVEL 5: Whole Bible in 1 year

• One Story that Leads to Jesus
Read the whole Bible once and the Psalms twice in a year with occasional videos introducing each book as well as key themes of the Old and New Testaments.
± 4 chapters a day.

• Chronological

Read through the whole Bible with the books and chapters rearranged in chronological order to gain valuable historical context to the story of the Bible.
± 4 chapters a day

Tips for your bible reading

1. Just start. You can do this. There’s no pressure. Working with a reading plan means you only need to put aside a few minutes a day and go one day at a time. If you don’t remember to get to it on a particular day, don’t beat yourself up! Simply try and catch up when you have some more time.

2. Pray! Read with a conscious reliance on the same Holy Spirit who inspired the writing of the Bible in the first place. He will make the scriptures come to life.

3. Listen as well as read. Make use of the audio options on your device’s Bible app. This way you can listen to the reading of the day in the car on the way to work. Reading is often better as you are more engaged but if you’re falling behind, this is a great option! Sometimes you will even hear things that you can miss when you are reading and vice-versa.

4. It doesn’t have to feel amazing every time. Sometimes we think that if we didn’t ‘feel anything’ we didn’t really do anything. Reading the Bible is about a deep and slow transformation. It’s not always a time of unbelievable revelation. Every time we read God is speaking to us.

5. Find a regular place and time. Mornings might work better for you. Or perhaps a lunch break. Or perhaps in the evenings after the kids are put to bed. Use the reminder notification function of your Bible app to help you remember the regular time you have chosen. Home might be easier or the office might be easier. Even at the office or at home, pick a regular spot – a specific chair or something along those lines. We are creatures of habit. Having a dedicated place and time helps to make it easier to get it done. 

6. Journal. As you go through the Bible, take some time to jot down your thoughts. You’ll be amazed when you read back on these thoughts! Journalling helps to inspire us along the way.