Why we need the Holy Spirit

By Shane Rielly
30 March 2014 – Sunday PM at Bedfordview

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Face to Face Part 1

By Marcus Herbert
30 March 2014 – Sunday AM at Bedfordview

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The Finance Course

Maybe you’re new to banking and budgeting, or maybe you’re a veteran. Either way, our Finance Course will equip you with more effective tools to manage your wealth, debt and investments and enjoy a healthy, free relationship with your money.

The course takes place over ten weeks and there is a cost for the material. It’s based on a course with a proven track record of more than 30 years.

Start dates will be dependent on applications. To apply or get more details, contact the office at 011-616-4073 or email info@www.cornerstonechurch.co.za.

Estimated costs for Solan (India) Trip coming up

A number of people have shown interest in attending the India Equip in Solan (9 – 16 May) and below you will find an estimate on the cost. It’s difficult to get an exact cost on flight details because this changes so quickly so this post only serves as an estimate.


  • Etihad Airlines depart Johannesburg on Friday 9th May at  09:25 via Abu Dhabi  and arrive in Mumbai on Saturday 10th at 03:00
  • Depart Mumbai on Jet Airlines on Saturday 10th May and arrive Chandigarh at 12:00 .
  • Taxi from Chandigarh Airport  to Solan .


  • Depart Solan for  Chandigarh Airport by taxi .
  • Depart Chandigarh on Jet Airlines on Friday 16th May and arrive Mumbai at 15:15 .
  • Depart Mumbai on  Etihad Airlines on Saturday 17th May at 04:50 via Abu Dhabi and arrive in Johannesburg Saturday 17th May at 16:00 .


  • Etihad Airlines return Johannesburg / Mumbai / Johannesburg  is R 6073.00 ( This is an estimated cost based on a recent special.)
  • Jet Airlines return Mumbai/Chandigarh / Mumbai is R2818.00 ( This seems to have increased already.)
  • Total cost airlines will be R8891.00 (At the moment of publishing)
  • Taxi fare between Chandigarh Airport and Solan is about R600.00 return per taxi (3 passengers max)
  • Accommodation in Solan ( as per Raman in India ) is about R600.00  per night per room only …. therefore 6 x R600 = R3600 per room for 2.
  • Budget for  R200.00 per day for all meals .
  • about R 750.00 per person for the Equip registration cost.

Flight costs are changing daily and it’s important to secure the accommodation in Solan.

Please contact Bill Taylor through the office at 011-616-4073 if you are interested in going along.


By Lance de Ruig
23 March 2014 – Sunday PM at Bedfordview

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The Twelve: John

TITLE: The Twelve: John
PREACHER: Marcus Herbert
DATE: 23 MARCH 2014 – Sunday AM at Bedfordview

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TITLE: The Twelve: John
PREACHER: Craig Herbert
DATE: 23 MARCH 2014 – Sunday AM at Rosebank

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Nickname: Together with his brother James, they were known as the “Sons of the Thunder”
Marital status: Unknown
Hometown: Bethsaida (was living in Capernaum)
Profession: Fisherman
Age: 16-18 years old
Relatives: Father – Zebedee
Mother: Possibly Salome (according to some Church tradition)
Brother: James
Social Status: Uneducated. He was in partnership with Peter and James. Fishing business
Personality: Bold, loyal, zealous, intensive, passionate (“son of thunder”)
Death: He was never martyred according to tradition. He died in Ephesus around 98AD. Died as an old man, outlasting the other disciples.

General facts: According to many interpretations, he was, for a time, a disciple of John the Baptist and was called by Christ from the circle of John’s followers, together with Peter and Andrew, to become Jesus’ disciples (John 1:35-42). The apostle John also is credited with writing five books of the New Testament: the gospel according to John, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John and the book of Revelation.


We can’t talk about the twelve disciples without looking at the life of John in detail. Although we looked at him earlier along with his brother James, we need to also look at him specifically. Remember, the point of this series is to bring back a clear understanding of discipleship and how Jesus did it. As we come to Jesus, some of us have run into dead ends, but we’re given the Gospels in particular to go back and check and see what Jesus intended and find answers to the question of why he called us. Read more

School Holidays in the Toddlers Room

Hi moms & dads,

Holidays are around the corner and that means your kids will be joining us in the main Sunday morning meetings. As much as we love for the whole family to be together, we know how tough it can be to keep your kids busy during the meeting. Unfortunately the Toddlers Room can only facilitate children from 0 – 3 years old.

We’ve come up with some ideas to help you:

  • Colouring-in books, books to read, sticker books, activity books etc.
  • Pack a box of crayons or coloured pencils & collect an activity sheet from the INFO desk before the meeting begins
  • If you have a tablet or smartphone, there are plenty of age-appropriate apps, games and movies that can be downloaded from your device’s store. (Please note: if you do this option, headphones are essential.)
  • Finally, we have two outside areas with speakers where you can sit and listen to the message while your child / children play. These are outside by The Coffee Shop and also outside at the sandpit by the downstairs Babies Bible Class room.

We understand that, for some families, only one mom or dad may be able to make a meeting with two children (one under 3 yrs and one over 3 yrs). We are happy to accommodate such a situation in the Toddlers Room provided you prepare a quiet activity for your older child during the meeting.

Have a great holiday!

Finding Our Story

by Ryan Peter

“From strife to rest; from darkness to light; from death to life; from war to peace; from hate to love. This is the story of man and the story of God.”

This was one of the tag lines for The Story this weekend – three evenings of film, music, poetry and storytelling. It was a fantastic production in every way – moving and inspiring, showcasing the amazing talent we have in our community. (Yes, it was all a home-grown production!)

But what I took from The Story was such an overwhelming sense of my own sin and an even more overwhelming sense of God’s grace, and just how much bigger that grace is compared to my sin. It seems to me, after this weekend, that living with a deep sense of these two contrasting realities is necessary for a healthy Christian life. It’s partly why Jesus probably instituted that we regularly break bread, so we can remember what He did and why.

I must admit that The Story had a way of highlighting these two aspects deeply in a way that didn’t let you leave and just move on. It’s interesting how the Christian life is made up of so much sorrow (due to our sin) and so much joy (due to God’s abundant grace and mercy) all at the same time. I believe this is a good thing.

While I was moved I also had fun with friends at this weekend. If we do The Story again later on in this year I really recommend it. It’s a great opportunity to invite friends and family who may be closed to the Gospel but open to art and film, two wonderful ways of telling God’s Story.

Check out the photos below on our Facebook page.

The Twelve: Andrew and Nathanael

TITLE: The Twelve: Andrew and Nathanael
PREACHER: Mark Meeske
DATE: 16 MARCH 2014 – Sunday AM at Bedfordview

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TITLE: The Twelve: Andrew and Nathanael
PREACHER: Waldo Kruger
DATE: 16 MARCH 2014 – Sunday AM at Rosebank

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Download the transcript (PDF)


 Name: Andrew, meaning manly.

Hometown of origin: Came from the little fishing town on the North coast of Galilee called Bethsaida.

Relatives: Simon Peter’s brother

Profession: Fisherman, in partnership with his brother, Peter and their friends, James and John.

Married: Unknown.

Age: Unknown. Probably younger than Peter.

Best remembered for: Introducing people to Jesus; Peter his brother, the boy with the fish and loaves of bread and some Greeks.

Social status: Unknown. Perhaps slightly higher than others if his low opinion of Nazareth is considered.

Personality: Skeptical.

Position amongst the 12: Seems to have been friends with Philip.

General facts: Andrew is not a startling character: there is no dash and activity like Peter, no strong determination and unpredictable character like James and John, and no dramatic conversion like Matthew. He appears to be quiet, thoughtful, persistent and unassuming – but his work was vital. He brought his brother to Christ and little realised what far-reaching results that would have. In fact, he seems to have learnt from John the Baptist that the most important task in life is not to make a name for oneself, but to bring people to Jesus: his brother, a little boy with some bread and fish, and a party of Greeks. There are no impressive exploits, no crowds following him, no miracles recorded and no great preaching. But through Peter, thousands heard of Christ and millions have read his letters, through the young boy thousands were fed from one of Christ’s most outstanding miracles, and through the Greeks our Lord finally revealed his purpose to reveal himself to the whole world as its only light.

Ministry after the ascension: According to Hippolytus (an early church father from Rome):, Andrew preached to the Scythians (modern day Georgia) and Thracians (modern day Bulgaria, both Georgia and Bulgaria are adjacent to the Black Sea near Turkey).

Death: He was crucified, suspended on an olive tree, at Patrae, a town of Achaia (Greece); and there too he was buried.


 Name: Nathanael or Bartholomew. Nathanael means “gift of God”.

Father’s name: Unknown

Hometown of origin: Cana in Galilee

Profession: Unknown. Perhaps a fisherman. He was fishing with Peter, James and John and three others on the Sea of Tiberius when Jesus appeared to them after his resurrection, resulting in the second miraculous catch of fish.

Married: Unknown.

Age: Unknown. Probably young. Most sources say Peter or James were probably the oldest of the 12, being between 20 and 25 years old. It is quite possible that he was still in his upper teens or low twenties.

Best remembered for: Being introduced by Philip to Jesus. Being seen under a fig tree.

Social status: Unknown. Perhaps slightly higher than others if his low opinion of Nazareth is considered.

Personality: Skeptical.

Position amongst the 12: No significance.

General facts: Often mentioned with Philip. Was skeptical about Jesus being the Messiah because he came from Nazareth. He obviously had a low opinion about Nazareth.

Ministry after the ascension: Initially in Jerusalem and then we have no sure Biblical account. Tradition puts him in various places, including having traveled to India, Mesopotamia, Armenia, Parthia, Ethiopia and Lycaonia. He is said to have converted Polymius, the king of Armenia to Christianity.

Death: Traditional accounts claim that he was martyred in Albanopolis in Armenia. Some say he was beheaded others that he was flayed alive and then crucified upside down.


When we look at Andrew and Nathanael, what we want to highlight is that it’s about learning to become Christ followers. In this series there are two things God is putting his finger on: character and mission. And as we look at these two disciples we see how God developed their character.

Character is not an old fashioned idea that we no longer need. It’s still extremely important to God. In fact, God looks at character more than He looks at gifts and callings. Whenever you read about the qualifications for leaders in the Bible, most of the time it focuses on character more than anything else. Read more

Junior Youth Camp 2014: A Transforming Time!


By Cindy Hazley

“Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”
Romans 12:2.

This was the verse and theme of this year’s Junior Youth Camp (YFC) and this is exactly what God did.

The camp started and ended with rain and more rain but as the rain came down so did God’s Holy Spirit. Worship is always a special time on camp but this year, no matter whether we jumped around like crazy, acted like monkeys, or even stood still, there was such an anointing and a feeling of His presence.

The main focus of the hall sessions and quiet times were how to be transformed. The children learnt that they need to be transformed from the inside out; the importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit; and many other Godly principles through the skits, object lessons and testimonies that were shared.

In children’s ministry there is never a dull moment and activities included teams pushing cars across the sports field, human foosball, pool noodle hockey, circle games and even create-your-own-human-transformer. Of course God knew what the weather would be like over the weekend and looking back we smile as we realise that our “indoor in case it rains” programme was planned even before we started planning the outdoor games. God is so good.

Thank you to all the people who made donations so that so many more children could join us on the camp. Both children and leaders from all the Cornerstone sites joined together for this fabulous weekend away. They came ready to be transformed and with God’s grace they left as transformers!

Check out the photos below: