A Call To Action: And They Loved Not Their Lives Even Unto Death

Greg Matarelli concludes our Call to Action series as he talks about being willing to lay our lives down in response to what God has done for us. – 1 December 2019

A Call To Action: Word Of Their Testimony

Marcus shares with us on the importance of having an understanding of what Jesus has done for us and sharing that with people through our testimony, and talks about always being ready to share our testimony and gives helpful handles on preparing it.

A Call to Action: The Importance of Sharing The Gospel

Marcus Herbert shares with us on the importance of sharing the gospel as well as some helpful tools and resources we can use to engage the people around us with the gospel.

The resources mentioned can be found on the church website under ‘Resources’

A Call to Action: The Blood of The Lamb

Marcus Preaches to us on The sacrifice Jesus made so that we can be made free, and how it gives us the victory over death.

A Call to Action: Revelations 12 – We are in a Battle

Greg Mattarelli preaches on Revelation 12 as we continue our A Call To Action preaching series.




Jonah: Chapter 4

Marcus Herbert preaches through the fourth chapter of Jonah and looks at our attitude towards lost people and our perspective of Gods grace.

Jonah: Chapter 2

Marcus Herbert looks at Jonah’s prayer in chapter 2 – and how it highlights some of the best approaches to prayer we can take.

A Call to Action: Joshua – How to Fight for your Inheritance

Craig Herbert gives us lessons from the book of Joshua in fighting for our inheritance.

A Call to Action: Priesthood of All Believers

Greg Mattarelli speaks about being the “priesthood of all believers” and how that inspires us to action.

A Call to Action: Taking the Inheritance

Craig Herbert ends off our journey with Israel as they take the Promised Land. This speaks to the inheritance God has for each one of us.