Welcome to Children’s Church 2017!

The Church is compared to many things in scripture to help us understand who the Church is in God’s eyes. We are called an army, a bride, a body, a building and more. In all of these images there is such a need to grasp the unity needed within the Church, the beauty the Church carries, the force it portrays and the great leader, Jesus, who leads it.

This term, our focus is on God’s kingdom and the Church. The lessons teach what God’s kingdom is, how He is building His kingdom and how we are called to be a part of this kingdom and see it advance.

Encourage your children to fully understand that they are as much a part, and an important part, of the body as anyone else. Teach them to know their worth and the value they add to the Church. Let them know that they are called and equipped by God to be a part of His kingdom and play a role in it. How amazing is that? The Greatest King looks at our children and says, “I have an important part for you to play.”

Please note that Children’s Church never feels like it is simply baby-sitting so that you can attend church. No, your children are also at church and are the church already. They are also being envisioned and equipped for the incredible call God has on their life. We count it such a privilege to see them grow in God’s call and purpose for them.

Please spend time each week reminding them of the content we cover, the stories we share, the crafts we do and the lessons learnt. Click here for the curriculum for this term.

We are looking forward to another incredible leg of this journey.

– Children’s Church Team

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