Children’s Church Reflection (15 May 2016)

We are all aware of the difficult situations faced across the world when it comes to finance, provision, possessions and security. As a church, we have recently addressed the idea that fear must fall, especially around financial fear. This has led us to the current series titled, Rich Towards God. As we are addressing such ideas with the adults, how fitting and timeous it was to teach our children what Jesus means when He prays, “Give us this day our daily bread” (Matthew 6:11).

Our Part

We wanted our children to grasp the truth that God knows all of our needs and that God is our provider. We shared a few stories that Jesus taught. Jesus teaches that if a father on earth can give good gifts, how much more will our Holy Father give to us in need. We also looked at the time Jesus fed the 5,000. Jesus saw the need, had faith that our Father can provide, and performed a miracle, one that we cannot take for granted today. I believe that many of us have witnessed such a miracle in our own lives, be in a small or great provision provided by our loving God.

But, with this idea of God’s provision, we also emphasised that God provides our needs as He knows what we need and not according to our desires. So sorry, but praying for the provision of a Playstation 4 because it will benefit your life and your friends is not a provision God means. He actually means that He will provide so that we can fulfil all that He (God) has called us to do.

Your Part

This is a great topic to pray with our children. Ask your children what they feel they need, the family needs, and even what others may need. Ask them what they feel God feels we need. Do we need every toy, every desire, or can we trust God to provide what we need knowing that He knows our needs?

Encourage your children this week to be generous in some way. Learning to give and bless others is such a privilege and a lifestyle we should learn as it is a characteristic of God our Father.

Share your own stories with your children about how God has provided. Share stories from scripture. All of these will build faith and how exciting it will be when our children learn to not depend on this world and its currencies for security, but rather learn to depend completely on our generous and loving Father God.

– The Children’s Church team

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