Stand Up!

There is a popular quote that says, “For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing” (Simon Wiesenthal). The world today needs good people to stand up – in fact, to be more accurate, not just good people, but it needs the Church to stand up. In Acts 26:16 God says, “Stand up! I have chosen you to be my servant.” This was our memory verse this weekend as we encouraged our children to stand up and be led by God to be used for His Kingdom and cause.

Our Part
We looked at some common scenarios seen today where we need people to stand up – like standing up against gossiping, bullying, cheating. God tells us what is right and He gives us courage and confidence to stand up for what is right. We encouraged our children to stand up against what’s wrong and ask God to help us fight for what is right.

We looked at the story of Esther in the Bible. In the face of wickedness, and at the risk of losing her life, led by God she chose to stand up for what was right. She chose to speak to the king, to fight for what was right and good. God used her and gave her courage to save her people. We pray that God will use our children like he used Esther. We pray that they will be boys and girls of courage, faith and confidence in God to stand up for God’s Kingdom.

Your Part
Always be the example. Are you willing to stand up for what is right? There are so many causes in society today, and some are really good, but the central cause we ought to fight for and give our lives to is seeing God’s Kingdom advance.

Go over the story of Esther again with your children. Ask them what things happen at school that they know are not good and need to be challenged. Perhaps your child is part of a group that chooses to gossip or tease or bully. Help them see how that isn’t good and needs to be addressed. Explain how Esther did it, how God led her, and equally how God will lead us to stand for good.

We truly pray for a generation of courageous boys and girls to be found in our children. But it requires response. Will we listen to God? Will we seek His anointing? Will we stand?

Children’s Church team

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