Investigating who Jesus is

It is an incredible privilege for us as God’s created people that we can get to learn about God, who He is and all that He did and does for us. The Bible is a priceless gift that helps us to know more about God. This term for Cornerstone Kids we look forward to joining your children in investigating who Jesus is. We will ask a lot of questions, as any good investigator would do. But we will also find the truth by looking at Jesus and looking at His Word for the true answers.

It is one thing to know about Jesus, but it is another knowing him relationally. Our hope this term is that our teachers and children will be captivated with Jesus and in learning who He is, the hope is that they will learn to trust Him and come to love Him.

We encourage you to use this term’s curriculum in continuing the investigative journey with your children. Our responsibility is to know Jesus and to make Him known. Jesus delights in revealing Himself to us and leading us to tell the world who He is.

So get out your notebooks, get the cameras rolling. We are going live with breaking news that Jesus Christ is alive and He is our King.

Our Part
This Sunday we looked at some of the prophecies made in the Old Testament concerning the promised one, the Messiah. We tried to see if these prophecies, these guides or clues to who the Messiah would be, could fit with anyone. Well they didn’t except for one person – Jesus of Nazareth. We revealed how He miraculously fulfilled all of the prophecies, a feat that is statistically impossible. Jesus is the Promised One, He is the Messiah, He is our King and Lord. He did it! Our hope in the coming weeks is to keep learning how He is our promised Saviour.

Your Part
Firstly, download the curriculum for yourself and continue the lesson throughout the week with your children. Go over the prophecies with your children. Explore how Jesus lived and fulfilled the prophecies. Lead your children in pursuing a relationship with Jesus. You cannot have a relationship with Jesus for your child. It has to be personal for them. But you are able to introduce your child to Jesus and see the relationship ignite.

We are so excited to see what life comes from this term. Please join us.

– The Children’s Church team

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