Children’s Church reflection for 7 August 2016

This Sunday at Children’s Church, as we continue discovering who God is and who He has called us to be, we looked at how God is our faith. Without faith we find that we cannot be in relationship with God. It is therefore vital that we fully grasp the faith we need and the faith we are given by God. The privilege we as the teachers had is that we got to speak to children and, as Jesus emphasises, there is such great faith in children. Their will and desire to believe in a living, all-powerful God who loves us unconditionally is the perfect foundation for us to teach them more truths about our awesome God. We encourage you not to take for granted or downplay the faith your children have.

Our Part

Our emphasis came from Hebrews 2 where we are told to keep our eyes on Jesus, the perfecter of our faith. Across the sites we are teaching a series on bearing much fruit and we are clearly hearing God’s desire for us, His church, to return to intimacy with Him and, out of that place of intimacy, we can bear much fruit. This is the same emphasises God is making to our children. Our games, the stories and the craft (making binoculars at some sites) all encouraged us to remember to keep our eyes on Jesus. One of the biggest points we wanted to make was that when life gets tough, and it will get tougher for our children, only God is faithful to stay true to us and strong enough to help us. We are called to therefore keep our faith in Him.

Your Part

Your children watch you constantly and a lot of their learning comes from observation (mostly observing you). So who are your eyes on mom and dad? Our kids were taught how the distractions of this world (money, fame, objects etc.) are not worthy of our faith. Instead we are to keep our eyes on Jesus, who is always faithful and always seeking to care for us. Challenge yourself to fix your eyes on Jesus. Whatever situation you and your family are facing, let your children see and hear you declare that you will keep your eyes on Jesus. When times get tough for your children, our prayer is that their first response would be to put their faith in Jesus and rely on Him. And when we lack faith, God will give us more faith.

Help your children grow in their faith by reading the Bible more with them, point out God’s promises and His miracles, look at prophecies made over your family and your children and remind your children of all God has done. Our children will surely believe it.

The Bible is full of stories of people who become heroes because of their faith in God. We pray our children become the next generation of heroes for God’s kingdom.

– Children’s Church team

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