Children’s Church Reflection for 31 July 2016

This Sunday was the second week of our new curriculum, ‘God is my God’. Before the reflection, a big well done must be given to our teachers across the sites. The heart and passion our teachers are displaying for the themes and focus of each Sunday lesson has been astounding. Your children will notice a group of explorers waiting for them in the midst of make-shift environments as they are led to seek for God as explorers themselves. Khaki, hard hats, binoculars, garden plants acting as forests are some of the ways our children are being introduced to the fun of seeking God.

Our Part

This Sunday the focus was on “God is my Love”. Our little explorers would have been encouraged to try and measure several things such as lengths of slides or the width of a window or the height of a plant, etc. However, they were then asked to measure God’s love. Although we can measure the tallest mountain and the length of the longest river, God’s love is immeasurable. What an incredible truth to tell our children. Someone loves you with so much love that that amount of love cannot even be measured. That someone is our one and only God who, as we learnt last term, wants to be called Father.

The next task was to try to understand a little bit of God’s love. We looked at how God reveals His love, how God’s love is unconditional, how God wants us to embrace His love, and how we are to show the world God’s love too.

Your Part

Firstly, it is of great benefit that you download our curriculum and use it to re-emphasise what we only have two hours to share with your children. Secondly, spend time asking your children about what they are learning, thinking about and understanding. Remind them and yourself of the memory verse. Importantly, as life happens, keep reminding them how much God loves them and how they are to love others too. This is our hope: to receive from God but then give to the world. Imagine if our children actually understand how much God loves them. Poor self-esteem, fear of not being accepted, feelings of insecurity would all vanish as they hold onto the absolute truth that they are so passionately loved by our all-powerful God.

Memory verses have been laminated and the expectation is that they can join onto a keyring which can be attached to your child’s school bag. It will be really exciting to see our kids explain these verses to their classmates.

We cannot wait to continue this exploring with your kids.

– The Children’s Church team

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