Children’s Church Reflection for 29 May 2016

In our lives we are constantly fighting against temptation. The world is tolerating more and more the things that God says isn’t acceptable. Our children face a difficult world with so many voices telling them what is right and what is wrong. With the desire to pursue what is of God, Jesus teaches us that we can ask our Father to help us not to fall into temptation and avoid what is evil.

Our Part

We spent some time this week looking at temptation. The reality is that temptation is all around us. We all have weaknesses which constantly get challenged. A key point we taught is that temptation is not the sin, but giving in to temptation is. We looked at the example when Jesus was in the desert and he was tempted by the devil three times. Jesus was tempted but he never sinned. From this story we also taught our children that, with God’s Word, we can overcome temptation. So when temptation comes, as it will, we can face it head on by remembering God’s Word that gives us strength and understanding, and this helps us to overcome the temptation and not fall into sin.

We taught the kids the reality that temptation will often come, the opportunity to sin is often on our doorstep, but God is with us in those moments and He wants to help us stay strong and not fall into temptation and the sin.

Your Part

This is a serious topic to discuss with your children. They need to understand the presence of temptation and the consequence of falling and sinning. It is our sin that separates us from our loving Father. Discuss with your children what temptations they face and how they deal with it. Help them understand what temptation is and how it is deceiving and leads to sin. Discuss with your children the consequences of sin.

But here is the exciting part: Tell your children the Gospel. Tell them how Jesus died for us so that when we sin we can be forgiven. Tell them that when he becomes our Saviour, all of our sins are forgiven, the ones from our past and the ones we will unfortunately commit in the future. Tell them how God has restored relationship with them so that we can call Him Father and how now, by allowing Him into our life, He helps us not fall into temptation and sin. If your child grasps this good news, the Gospel, pray for them to receive Jesus into their lives. What a privilege. If your children are still too young or not quite grasping the Gospel then that’s okay. Keep teaching them such truths and one day the revelation will be enough for them to personally want to follow Jesus.

Some classes made shields to remind them how using God’s Word can help them overcome temptation. This emphasises the importance of the memory verse each week and the Bible stories we share. We are truly loving this journey with your children.

– The Children’s Church team

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