Children’s Church Reflection (18 September)

As the Children’s Ministry team, we cannot believe this term has already come to an end. We are confident in saying that this term has been an incredible one for the children and the teachers. This week we rounded off the teachings on who God is to us by concluding with the truth that my God is my life. In the previous weeks we discussed how God is so many wonderful things to us: our courage, faith, joy, hope etc. This week we concluded with how God is ultimately our life. God gives us life, He sustains our lives, He is so involved in our lives and because of this we can live our life for Him.

Our Part

We used a metaphor comparing us to a tree to try to emphasise how we find life in Jesus. We are just like a tiny seed. We may seem small but we have a lot of potential. If we are not seeking life from the right sources, well, then we will never grow and become who God created us to be. A seed will simply remain a seed. But, if we turn to God, find our life in the Gospel of Jesus (who represents the water and sunlight to the seed) we will begin to see growth. Eventually we will begin to grow to heights we never imagined and ultimately bear fruit for God.

Fruits have seeds that when dispersed allow more seeds to begin the journey of life and growth to become a tree; and so the cycle continues. Our children have such great potential. They have a journey of growth to live and great fruit to bear. But the source of life is essential and our only source is Jesus. In all that we do we should do it as for Jesus. Our children can live this way. In everything they do, wherever they are, they can do it with Jesus and for Jesus. There is no better life to live than a life in obedience to Jesus.

Your Part

As previous letters have mentioned, keep reminding your children who God is to them. This week’s lesson emphasised that Jesus is our source of life. Keep explaining this to them. Tell your children the Gospel and see how they respond. We never desire to see children forced to have faith in Jesus and we never want to take our children’s salvation for granted. Many children can talk about Jesus but are they finding their rooting in Him and their life in Him? Keep chatting to your children and let God reveal these truths more and more to your family.

We have loved this term and the wonderful truths we got to teach. We pray that you continue this journey with your children. Next term we will look at the Heart of Worship and the wonderful ways we get to glorify God in all that we do. We are looking forward to it.

– The Children’s Church team

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