Children’s Church: Love is Kind

It is wonderful to see how encouragement can build a person up, but it is also frightening how easily one negative word can break someone down. This Sunday with our children, we looked at how love is kind and what the wonderful outcomes can be through us displaying kindness to one another.

Our Part

In our object lesson, we used the idea of making ripples in water to how kind actions can have a “ripple-effect” with people. The smallest stone causes ripples in water. In the same way, our smallest acts of kindness can positively impact a person.

We then looked at the story of the Good Samaritan. It was sad to read how those who had more reason to help the injured Jewish traveller, chose to rather walk by and not help a person in desperate need. But it was so encouraging to read how the Samaritan chose to stop his journey and help the injured man. His kindness wouldn’t have been expected, it crossed cultural barriers, he used most of his money to care for a stranger, and he didn’t do it for reward. His kindness changed a person’s life. So can our acts of kindness to each other.

Your Part

Encourage your children to remember to be kind. Sometimes being kind doesn’t just happen naturally. We need to actually remind ourselves to be kind. Always look at Jesus. Talk about his kindness to us and how he can help us to become more kind because of him. Help them see the ripples of kindness in their kind acts to others.

The Children’s Church team

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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