Children’s Church: Jesus, the Resurrection

Continuing with our ‘I AM’ series, this weekend we looked at Jesus declaring that He is the Resurrection. Can you even imagine making such a statement? How could people take you seriously if you declare that you are the Resurrection? What does that even mean exactly? Well, we unpacked this statement a little bit this weekend.

Our Part
There are many things that people turn to as a ‘lifesaver’. We discussed how money, family, medicine, even our talents can be turned to as a giver of life. These things have value, but they cannot save us.

We then looked at the resurrection of Lazarus. Jesus waited four days after Lazarus’ death to display his authority and prove His statement that He is the Resurrection. Jesus proved this again when He did resurrect from the dead. Jesus proved that He is the Resurrection. Jesus alone is our giver of life to the life and He truly is our only lifesaver.

Your Part
Explain the term “resurrection” to your children and how Jesus is our resurrection. Our hope is that our children are growing to see the incredible person Jesus is, the promises he makes, and the life we now have because of him. How is the reading plan going? We would love feedback from you how this term is going.

The Children’s Church team

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