Children’s Church: A Building Starts with One Brick

To build a building you need bricks. One brick is placed against another, on top of another and as each brick is placed so you build a wall. Walls link to walls and soon you have a building. But the building began with one brick, and then another, and then another. Each brick plays a vital part in the greater building. And so it is with the Church. God’s church is made of people. As people come together and support each other so the church gets stronger and becomes the picture God desires it to be. Each person is important in the church.

Our Part

This was our focus this Sunday at Children’s Church. We told the children how a building needs more bricks and so the church needs people, and they play a role in getting more people. We explained to them how they, in every area of their lives, can tell people about Jesus and help them come to know Jesus and become part of the church. In doing so, they build. Our children can reach people we never can so they play an important part in seeking the lost.

We also looked at how Solomon built a temple for God, one in which the people could meet with God. But how incredible is it now, because of Jesus, that we don’t need a temple any more. We can meet Jesus anywhere and He says that He (Jesus), God the Father, and the Holy Spirit want to live inside of us. So we become a temple. God lives in our children and so our children can show Him to the world.

Your Part

Explain to your children how God is always with them. Tell them how they can play an important part in telling others about Jesus and seeing the church grow. Pray with them for their friends, family, teachers etc. Let them see you telling people about Jesus. God uses us to reach the lost. God uses our children to tell the world about Jesus. Help them build.

– Greg, Nicole & the Children’s Church team

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