Breaking our socio-economic barriers, AKA: visiting vibey places in Johannesburg

At Fight Club, Phil Quinn spoke about unique places in Johannesburg CBD that are great to visit and help to break our socio-economic barriers.

Some of you have asked for the list of places he mentioned. Here are the details:

No. One Eloff Street (Joziburg lane):
(Just off the M2 Highway)
The Joziburg Lane is a hidden gem – an alleyway that runs along the side of the No. One Eloff building, lined with bespoke shops, eateries, artist spaces and culminating in the Joziburg Foodhall with its tasting bar, deli and foodstalls. See more details at

1Fox Precinct
1 Fox Precinct was part one of the first mining camps that sprung up at the time of the discovery of gold in the 1880s. Today, however, here you will find the Mad Giant Brewery and Urbanologi, a high-end, Asian-inspired tapas restaurant. For details check out

City Central
City Central is in the center of Joburg (in Marshalltown at 85 Commissioner Street) and has awesome food and a bookstore called Bridge Books. For details, check out its Facebook page.

The Milk Bar (pictured above)
A really awesome restaurant/coffeeshop on Pritchard Street across from the South Gauteng High Court. It’s a favourite spot of lawyers and others working at the courts. Parking by the High Court is difficult, so it’s recommended you park somewhere else and walk to the Milk Bar. Check out its Facebook page for details.

Collector’s Treasury
If you love books, this is probably the biggest second-hand bookstore in South Africa – if not the biggest bookstore outright. It literally houses 2 million books. It’s at 244 Commissioner Street. Check out this writeup at for more details.

Little Ethiopia
A bustling little gem on Jeppe street where you can find anything from clothing to fabrics to traditionally authentic Ethiopian food. “Walking down the street, one is drawn to the musical sounds of Amharic and Tigrinya, two of Ethiopia’s main languages, and the enticing rhythms of singers like Ejigayehu Shibababaw that float out of the shops and swirl casually above the traffic din.” Read more about it at

Also, read the write-up of most of these places at This is a great blog to read if you also want to find other new and vibey places in Johannesburg. Pic courtesy of

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