To all the Dreamers… It’s time to Dream

by Faye Mc Clean

So this morning I began with an attempt at dreaming which may seem minimal and pathetic.
I sat in my bedroom in a small suburb of a large city with a dream that doesn’t fade.
But I have to start somewhere…. I have to know that I’m not crazy.

I have to know that even if these are words… they are a start.

A stab in the dark maybe… but within that darkness that God would reveal himself…

I dream of changing the world.
Being a history maker.

Not like the ever-famous delirious lyrics say or because it’s a line that sounds good.

I dream of changing the world because I know I carry a truth that CAN change this world.

I don’t deserve to be recognized but I know I can be recognized because HIS truth is enough to cause a tide wave of change… and I hold that truth within my heart.

I dream of being used to inspire a generation in Him.

I dream of people seeing His glory in me.

I dream of preaching till my voice and body aches.

I dream of being utterly compelled to do and say whatever and whenever the Spirit urges.

That his urges wouldn’t even have to be urges but simple utterances or whispers or notions.

I dream of praying for people and they are healed in a moment.

I dream of walking in the power of Christ in such a real way.

Not stories told about people in the book of Acts or in Hong Kong or Toronto or Kenya.

I desire it so desperately in my life.

I want to be that person bursting with stories to tell every single day.

Stories of His love. His compassion. His power.

More status’s per second than bbm, twitter or facebook can handle.

Because of HIS LOVE. His compassion.

His genuine gentleness and awe-inspiring power breaking into lives like a mighty torrent that sweeps into hearts and over our country like a revival.

Like a revival.

Like a revival.

It’s my dream.

I dream of rappers, single mom’s, homeless men, young children, famous dj’s, MD’s, students, families, foreigners, leaders, athletes, nerds, jocks, muslims, married couples, pioneers, atheists, everyone… every race… meeting Jesus.

Meeting Him as if he were face-to-face.

Being overwhelmed by His love as if it were the air being breathed.

I desire Christ being pointed to as IF my face, my body, my language, my behavior were a neon sign directing strangers and friends directly to HIM.

I dream of truly living.

I dream of doing what I am passionate about and through that – experiencing His favor to change more than just a nation.

I dream of standing on the forefront of possibility with thousands of His soldiers and shouting out what we see… and as we do… hearing echo’s of change from thousands of others around the world. I dream of encouraging people, faithing with people, standing with people I dream of my heart beating and finite flesh screaming his name with each passing day…

I dream of living with the knowledge of eternity as if it were the only thing that mattered.

I dream of being more than a girl with brown hair and blue eyes.

I dream of being someone recognized because of her love for a King who gave everything of himself for this world.

I dream of fighting for lives and seeing captives set free.

I dream of constant wonder and awe and movement as we step with His Spirit into every area and place He treads.

I dream of the impossible being absolute reality.

I dream of “celebrating” never being overrated because salvations are happening all the time.

I dream of people dreaming for more because there is constant faith within hearts for more.

I dream of passivity being unknown as hungry passion constantly grows and fires are ignited within hearts.

I dream of MORE than this.

In fact, I know there is more than this.

And I will forever dream of changing this world for Him.

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