Telling Others about Jesus

Over the course of this term, we’ve aimed to answer big questions about who Jesus is. Every week a new question was asked and the truth to that question discovered. What we hope to have done is teach our children more about how wonderful Jesus is and the need for them to keep seeking him and growing in knowing him. But there is more. Our focus this week is that because Jesus is so incredible, we cannot keep him for ourselves. We need to tell others about him too.

Our Part

As a church, we have a proclamation that says: To know Christ and to make Him known. We discussed this with our children. We looked at what Jesus said at the Great Commission. We looked at the instructions he gave the disciples: to wait for the Holy Spirit to anoint them to reach the world and share the good news of what Jesus did for all. This Sunday we encouraged our children to desire to tell others about Jesus. To help explore this practice, we used candles and sweets (not together) to help emphasise the need to share this wonderful news.

Your Part

Help your children think of ways to share the gospel. Children don’t fear offending people like we adults do. They would be happy to tell others about Jesus. Help them to meet people (be it family or friends), help them pray for the unsaved, help them with their testimony and how they can share it. Remind your children often of the Great Commission. And be the example as always. We long to see great evangelists birthed in our children.

– The Children’s Church team

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