Indonesia Report Back

Recently, Mark Meeske headed off to Indonesia and was part of the Equip time there. Here are some details of this trip from Steve Potter (Australia) who we partner with.

The team consisted of the Indonesian translocal team headed up by Darwin and Silvi Lontoh, bolstered by Ian McKellar (Church of Joy, Singapore), Mark and Steve Potter (Coastlands, Australia).

The churches in this area of the world are in an amazing space and poised, ready for increase both in the churches and in other regions. On a recent trip to West Timor, Darwin and Siswo went to the church in Soe, where the 1965 national revival started with Mel Tari. After a chance meeting with the pastor, Darwin ended up preaching to over 500 young people at a city wide youth gathering when all he wanted to do was get a photo! Many repented of passivity and were set alight for the gospel!

Many of the evening sessions at the Equip were packed. One night was overflowing, as a public holiday afforded many the opportunity to get there and people had to be seated on the stage. Over 450 leaders registered and attended at some time through the week. There was a notable deposit left from Mike Hanchett from a month earlier with a steady flow of testimonies and prophetic offerings through the week as a result.

Mark’s preach was about selfless apostolic living. Many responded to salvation and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

There was many notable healings through the week and one lady with advanced cancer received much prayer over the week and testified to noticeable change in pain levels and sleep.

As usual the worship was extraordinary with such rich tangle moments in His presence.

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