Christianity Explored

Invite lots of people! This is a great series and a brilliant opportunity! You can still invite people to this even though it has started.

We’re running Christianity Explored at Bedfordview (6pm) and Rosebank (5:30pm) every Sunday evening from 10 – 31 May. It’s a four week series that gives people space and opportunity to really think through who Jesus is and why he matters. It’s ideal for people who are sceptical about Jesus or have lots of questions.

Each evening will include a short video or two and then a time for Q&A. The video below explains more about the series.

For more details on Christianity Explored visit

Christianity Explored
at Cornerstone Church Bedfordview and Cornerstone Church Rosebank
Sunday evenings, 10 – 31 May

Call 011-616-4073 or email

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