Children’s Church – Term 4 begins

This Sunday, you may have arrived at Cornerstone thinking you somehow landed up at a casualty ward with all of the doctors and nurses roaming around. Well, you were at the right place, and those incredible doctors and nurses were our Children’s Church teachers prepared to teach on this term’s topic, The Heart of Worship. The idea is that we need to check our heart and body to see how with everything, we can worship God.

Our Part
This week we started off looking at why we worship God. We looked at who He is, what He has done, and we realised that He is worthy of our worship. As the term unfolds, we will look at how we can worship God with a true, real worship that scripture teaches us and that God deserves.

Your Part
Firstly, try to download the curriculum to use at home. We only see your children for two hours a week, and so you need to continue with the lesson throughout the week. Speak to your children about worship, about why we do it and why we worship God. Look at scripture in the Bible. Try to read a Psalm together as a family and talk about it. And don’t forget to remember the memory verse.

This term each child will receive an “immunisation chart” and each week they will receive a sticker to check off what they have learnt. Even our Grade 7s are excited about the idea of collecting stickers.

Enjoy the term. There are some new teachers leading this term. Try to meet them.

We are looking forward to the journey!

– The Children’s Church team

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