Children’s Church Reflection (29 Nov)

When slavery was an accepted practice within societies, the only way for a slave to ever find freedom would be to be bought at a price, and then given freedom by their owner. Can you imagine that moment when a lifelong slave was told that they have freedom? They were free to live and do as they wished. Can you imagine the joy that slave must have felt?

Well… we too were once slaves: slaves to our sin. And we had no freedom.

But then Jesus came and wanted to set us free. He paid a price and bought us to be His. In purchasing us, he removed us from being slaves and instead we find new life and freedom in Jesus. Because of this amazing free gift we should respond in worship to God.

Our Part

The message for this past Sunday was to explain the amazing gift of forgiveness and freedom that Jesus paid for us. We have been forgiven and because of this we have a reason to celebrate. Those who are forgiven much will love much. When we consider the forgiveness given to us because of Jesus paying our price, and then experience the subsequent freedom in what Jesus did, the desire to sing his praises and live a life that honours Him becomes an easy response.

Our hope was to remind our children of the beautiful Gospel and teach them that because of the Gospel, we have a reason to worship God.

Your Part

Your part is the best part of parenting. You get to share the beautiful news of the Gospel to your children. Help them understand what Jesus accomplished on the cross. Help them to learn about their freedom and forgiveness in Him. Let them know that they were so important to God that He chose to pay a massive price to buy them and give them freedom. And out of this, worship with them because our God is worthy.

– Greg, Nicole & the Children’s Church team

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