Children’s Church Reflection (1 Nov 2016)

As we continue to discuss and learn how to truly worship God, this Sunday our focus was on worshipping God with our bodies. It is amazing to see how children use their bodies to display their thoughts and emotions. If a child is angry, they stamp on the floor or roll on the ground. If a child is excited, they might spin around or literally jump for joy. Children use their bodies to express themselves and they use their bodies in worship too. Children love the opportunity to learn actions to worship God or to remember a verse from the Bible. Witnessing this made this lesson really fun to teach.

Our Part
The message was simply that we can use all of who we are to worship God. We can jump, clap, dance, spin or run to worship God. We can worship God in our everyday actions that are part of our daily routines. We can also worship God in sitting silently and thinking about God and His wonder. But in all of these ways, we still emphasised that above the many actions or use of our body, we must make sure our hearts are worshipping God. If our hearts are not in a place of worship before God, then our actions can turn out to be just simple exercise.

We looked at some of the Hebrew terms from the Bible that teach us different ways of worshipping God too. You can view these in our curriculum if you like.

Your part
Your part stays the same: enjoy worship with your children. Be the example and also learn from your children. See them dance and move and sing freely – and enjoy it.

Some children created their own songs that are simply amazing. Their lyrics are so honest and heartfelt towards God. Ask your child to sing their song if they made one. Some children made some instruments. Listen beyond the noise and see a heart in worship.

– The Children’s Church team

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