Children’s Church Reflection (13 Nov 2016)

All around our city there are signs that are put up for us to obey. Some tell us to stop or slow down or beware of something and more. These signs exist to keep us safe and to keep others safe too. But in order for these signs to fulfil their role, they require us to obey them. Obedience is an important lesson for us to learn. God says the same for His instructions. He says we must obey Him. In fact, He even says that if we truly love Him then we should obey His instructions. Obedience to God is therefore an act of worship. This was our focus this Sunday at Children’s Church.

Our Part
We helped the children see how obedience is required with so many things in life. It is needed when we are driving, needed at school, needed when we play sports or games. We then looked at how God calls us to be obedient towards Him. We looked at His commands and the great commandment of the call to love one another. We also emphasised how just to know what to obey is not enough. If we know what to obey then it requires action. Knowledge alone is not enough. Act out obedience. When we obey God, we glorify Him and honour Him and that is a beautiful expression of worship.

Your Part
You as parents would know the importance of obedience and teaching your children about it. Help them to see that God has given us instructions too: love others, be kind, be generous, and so on. Help them see this and practice obedience. Knowing the need to be obedient and then not acting on is disobedience. Help your children understand this great way of worshipping God.

– Greg, Nicole and the Children’s Church team

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