Children’s Church: Love is Patient

I have heard many parents accuse their children of testing their patience. Well, mom and dad, on Sunday we got to turn the tables and we tested our children’s patience. To what end: To reveal that love is patient. As we continue to learn about God’s great love, our focus this Sunday is how we need to display patience as an act of love, the same way God shows patience to us.

Our Part
Our infamous Captain Mess-Up showed up again and proved to be quite annoying to our children. One five-year-old was heard telling Captain Mess-Up to change his heart, he was getting so frustrated by him. By using object lessons, like having patience for water to freeze to have cold ice for a drink, to waiting last in line to receive a treat, our children heard how we need patience.

We looked intently at the story of Peter and his relationship with Jesus. Peter messed up a few times, but Jesus always intended for Peter to be a leader in His church. Jesus had to show patience as Peter learnt, grew in faith, and believed in God’s call. Peter must have been so happy that Jesus didn’t lose patience with him. And so Jesus shows the same patience with us, for we too are called to lead in his church.

Your Part
You don’t need to test your child’s patience to keep proving this point (sorry if you wanted permission), but you can discuss with them how patience is an act of love. The best way to teach it is to show it, so challenge each other at home to show patience. Then look at how Jesus displays patience. He doesn’t give up on us, he keeps forgiving, and he keeps his plans for us. Help your children feel this freedom.

– The Children’s Church team

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