Children’s Church – 29 January

Scripture teaches us how important the cornerstone is when building. A building can stand strong or straight with a solid cornerstone set in place. As scripture teaches us (Psalm 118), the same applies to Jesus. He is our cornerstone and without him in our lives, we will be weak and will struggle. Our focus on Sunday was on Jesus, our cornerstone, and how we need to know who he truly is.

Our Part
One key focus was looking at some of the titles given to Jesus. Is he just a carpenter, a Nazarene, a wise teacher, a prophet? Or is he the Son of God, the Messiah, the promised Saviour of all mankind? It can be easy to answer this question, but do we live with such conviction? We wanted to teach your children that Jesus is more than just a nice man, or a smart one, or a charismatic leader. Jesus is our King, our Saviour, our Cornerstone… and he wants to be with us and we should want to be with him.

Your Part
Read or re-tell Matthew 16:13-17 to your children. It is the story where Jesus asks his disciples who they think he is. Ask your children the same question and see what they say, and more importantly why they say it. Saying the right thing doesn’t mean one believes it. Our hope is that you get to spend time, many times, talking to your children about who Jesus is. Our teachers really enjoy it but you should enjoy it more, and try it more. And let them know who Jesus is to you and why you believe so.

– The Children’s Church team

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