The Bible is loaded with people who, if you knew them personally, you would never think would have the courage and ability to do the amazing things they did. Gideon, Joseph, Ruth, David, Esther… these were ordinary people like all of us. But what is it that set them apart to fulfil the call on their lives – to do the difficult and fantastic things God asked of them? The answer: faithfulness.

When David was just a shepherd boy out in the fields he was faithful to God. God took that faithfulness and made it something even bigger: the task of ruling an entire nation in mercy and justice.

God has a call for your life. It’s your CALL FOR DUTY. We all have a special purpose to fulfil in the call God has for his people: to bring his perfect love to a world of darkness and despair. Perhaps, right now, you can’t see what God has for you to do. It’s alright. It’s normal. And it doesn’t matter right now. What matters now is your faithfulness. You don’t have to wait for the future to be faithful, but can be faithful right now. In fact, you need to be if you’re going to fulfil your duty in the future. Then God will reveal his call and purpose for your life and call you for duty when the time is right.

So rest in God right now and remain faithful in your relationship with him. You never know when that call for duty will come. And when it comes, you want to be ready.

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