Breaking Bread with our Kids

As Christians, sons and daughters of God, we need to make an effort in remembering what God has done, both throughout history and in our personal lives. We often see in Scripture how God commands the people to teach all God has done to the generations to come, so that His wonders will never be forgotten. Jesus taught something similar when he broke bread with the disciples, asking them to use the breaking of bread to be a means of remembering him and all that he did.

Our Part
So this weekend at Cornerstone Kids we taught about the need to remember Jesus, and one of the ways we need to remember him is by the breaking of bread. We looked at the scriptures, we looked at the symbolism and we explained the act of breaking bread together. Across the sites we invited parents to join with their children in breaking bread.

It was such a beautiful picture seeing families together, parents and children, breaking bread together, praying together in remembering what Jesus did for us. Some children were too young to be involved or still unsure of what breaking of bread meant, but we do pray that their time will come to celebrate Jesus too in this act.

Your Part
Thank you to the parents who were involved. You play such a key role in being your child’s example. For those who did break bread, please break bread regularly at home together, remembering Jesus and praying together. It is a wonderful thing to do and is commanded in Acts 2.

Please keep speaking to your children about their relationship with Jesus. We cannot take it for granted that their lives will be plain sailing as children. We need to lead them and mentor them in their relationship with Christ. Actively journey with them in this awesome life with Christ.

Children’s Church team

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