Testing your Faith in Lesotho

We regularly make trips into Lesotho to work with the churches we have partnerships and relationships with there. Check out our trips for 2014 post for details of when we’re going to Lesotho this year (our next trip is in June).

Odette dos Santos went on our recent Lesotho trip to Maputso and tell us how it went, the challenges there, and what impacted her:

What are some of the challenges the people and churches are facing there?

Unemployment and housing are big issues there. It’s difficult to build and have adequate buildings and houses. The church that we work with needs a bigger property and a building to meet in.

Also, many of the men feel inadequate – they feel that they can’t live up to what’s expected of them in their role as Christian men at home, as part of a church, and in the the community.

Plus many of the youth have huge challenges with peer pressure and their relationships. It’s difficult to hold up Biblical values.

Who do you think would be able to make a significant impact in this area?

Looking at the many challenges, people who are passionate about these things (or who do these things) should really think of going on the next trip:

  • Youth workers (youth and leadership development)
  • Children’s church teachers
  • Women (to encourage and minister to women)
  • Builders/handy-men/skilled labourers

What was your highlight of the trip?

The hospitality of the family that we stayed with as well as their welcoming and humble hearts towards us. Also, the women’s group: their hunger for a closer relationship with God as well as for God’s word. Their reaction to being validated as a “beautiful” and “specific” part of God’s creation i.e. Having a specific purpose in God’s kingdom was especially encouraging.

Will you go again?

Yes. I feel that these trips often “test” our faith in how God can use us to reveal Himself to others. Also, I believe that there is a lot of potential, at this specific church in Lesotho, for us to equip, encourage and mentor on an ongoing basis.

What would you say to others about going on such a trip?

It’s really quite simple: just be obedient and available to wherever you feel God calling you. He will do the rest. It is amazing what God can do through you when you have this kind of attitude!

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