How do you know if a biscuit or a cupcake is delicious?

How do you know if a biscuit or a cupcake is delicious? Even though it may look delicious, that doesn’t mean that it is delicious. It could have rotten ingredients inside. The only way to know if it is delicious is to taste it.

We used this idea in learning more about our relationship with Jesus. We need to taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 33:8). This week we chose to look at how we can know God’s goodness and glory by tasting Him.

Our part
The emphasis of our lesson was on our need to experience God. If we want to know more about Him we need to experience Him. The truth is that when we do experience God we realise how wonderful He is. We get to see how great He is and experience His goodness and from that we long to have more of Him. It is like a good slice of cake. When you have tasted it, and taste that it is good, you want more and more.

We also looked at Paul. He had so many credible attributes to his name, but after experiencing Jesus, he said that he counted all of his achievements as rubbish in comparison to God. He experienced Jesus and realised that nothing compares to His goodness.

Your part
Help your children in experiencing God. Spend time praying together, reading the Bible together, worshipping together. Tell them what you think of Jesus. If you make Him big, they too will want to make Him big in their life.

Please remember that this coming Sunday we will break bread with the children. Please join us if you feel your child is ready to break bread. There is no pressure in this. If you are unsure please chat to one of our teachers.

–  The Children’s Church Team

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