Children’s church reflection (12 June 2016)

This Sunday was the final part of our ‘Jesus taught us how to pray’ curriculum and what an incredible term it has been. We have heard such encouraging feedback from our sites. Our children want to pray and are feeling confident to speak to God privately, even in a group, in small whispers and also out loud. The prayers are also reflecting sincerity and a true desire to communicate with God. It has been so wonderful to hear the testimonies from children of how God has answered prayer requests in the past few weeks. All glory to God.

Our Part

In this final week, we reminded the children of the past lessons learnt. We shared stories of how God answered prayer and even did the miraculous. We shared stories of how God revealed where a lost wedding ring could be found to how healing was given. Our children learnt how in James it says that we ought to pray, pray and pray. Pray when we are sick and well; pray when we are sad and joyful; pray because God so longs to be with us in all we experience. What an amazing God we serve.

We also used a metaphor of a sponge to tell our children how God wants to use them. Just like a dry, hard sponge feels like it lacks purpose until it has been wet and soaks up water, so we can feel useless without God filling us with His living water (His Spirit). God fills us with His presence and we get to show Him to the world like a sponge dripping out water.

Your Part

Moms and dads, your role is most important now. Prayer is not simply a topic for one term, but is a lifelong action that we need to do every day for as long as we live. Please continually speak to your children about prayer. Please continue to pray with them and ask them what they are speaking to God about. Our children have such great faith in what God is capable of doing. Let them pray, create time for them to pray, give them personal areas to pray into, and glorify God together as you witness the fruit of your prayer.

We will continue in the new term with the topic of ‘God is my God’. We are really excited for what God wants to impart into our children’s life. Thank you for a wonderful term.

– The Children’s Church team

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