What can Jesus do for me when I mess up?

We continue our investigating and discovery of Jesus. Our key question this week was, “What can Jesus do for me when I mess up?” The amazing answer is that He grants us forgiveness. It is because of Jesus that we can come before God and find forgiveness for our sin. This was the incredible truth about Jesus that we explored.

Our Part
This Sunday we looked at the story of the prodigal son. It is such a beautiful story with so many lessons that we can learn. Using images and even modern day examples, we discussed the story and focused on God’s grace. We looked how God forgives us of our sin – He cleans up our mess even when we don’t deserve it. Just like the loving father in the story, our Father God welcomes us to Him, forgives us and reminds us that we are His children.

Your Part
We think that it is key that you spend some time reflecting on this story with your children. It is so important to focus on how God can forgive us and that He says He will if we confess our sins to Him. Our children need to know that they can come to God with their faults, their worst actions, their sin and know that He is willing to forgive and still love them. We as parents also need to learn to display grace. We need to try to show forgiveness to our children, and not hold their faults against them.

It is a wonderful privilege to share the Gospel with our children. Keep talking about Jesus, the forgiveness we receive in Him and the family we have through Him.

The Children’s Church team

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