Children’s Church Reflection – 23 October

We continued this week with our series, A Heart of Worship. Our focus was on how everything that has breath is called to worship God. We checked and yes, our children and teachers do have breath – and so they are called to worship God. Why? We worship God because He deserves it.

Our Part
As mentioned, our hope this week was to show what scripture teaches us about worship, and one of the key lessons is that everything that has breath must praise the Lord (Psalm 150:6). We have approximately 23,040 breaths a day. To apply this scripture another way, we are called to worship God with every breath we have and that means that we can worship Him all of the time. Our children learnt that they can worship God from morning to evening, whether they are eating or doing homework, when they are on the sports field or about to go to sleep. They can worship God all of the time.

Your part
Do your children see you as a worshipper or is that only seen on Sunday mornings at Church? Have your children ever seen you worshipping God? Be the best example to your children, not because it benefits your children but rather because it benefits you to worship God. Your relationship with God will grow and that is our emphasis too with our children – to see that their relationship with Jesus grows. Create times and ways for you to worship with your children. Allow God to be acknowledged in all that you do. Find joy in worshipping God and let that be seen by your family so that they can want it too.

Don’t forget the memory verses each week and to keep collecting your medical sticker.

– The Children’s Church team

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