Children’s Church Reflection (20 November)

In society today, to meet someone with regards to business, or to see a doctor, or even to meet a friend socially, you generally need to make an appointment. People are so busy that we never feel able to just meet them. Sadly, we sometimes apply this same belief to how we meet with God. We often think that we need to make appointments with God in order to meet with Him. Sometimes we think God is too busy to meet with us and therefore we don’t make the effort to be with Him.

It was therefore important for us to learn this Sunday that God is always available and we can meet with Him at any time, in any place.

Our Part

We looked at how God is always available for us to speak to Him and call on Him. He is never too busy for us. But sometimes we get too busy for God. We looked at the story of Jesus visiting Mary and Martha. As the story teaches, sometimes we act like Martha where we believe that our busyness is a way to worship God whereas Jesus reminds us that He prefers us to respond more like Mary, where we sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to Him.

We looked at the busy life our children live and encouraged them to make time with God more important that their busy lives. Living in a busy city, our children need to learn to worship God above all else and seeing their time with God more valuable than their busy lives.

Your Part

Again, the best part you can play is to be an example. Our children need to see us as parents prioritise our time with God. And make this time family time too. Help your children manage their busy lives and arrange their priorities. Remind them that God is available always. What an incredible truth to live with.

– Greg, Nicole & the Children’s Church team

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